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7 free jQuery demos and source codes back to the top

In order to better improve the user experience of the page and the required functions of the whole site, Laozuo Blog has added the jQuery effect of returning to the top on the side. At the same time, it has the functions of subscription, QQ group and contacting me personally, which makes it convenient to find me in a timely manner and provide convenient services (if it is not possible to find me from other pages before). To some extent, this effect can improve the user experience (certainly different from the early floating couplet ads).

Several friends wanted to use the code after seeing Lao Zuo add these effects. After all, I also found online information, and then made adjustments for myself. At the same time, there were several other good effects. So I used this space to sort out 10 jQuery demos and source codes that had good user experience and returned to the top, If you need a friend, you can download it and integrate it into your own website.

First, return to the top+microblog button

 Back to top

The side of Lao Zuo returns to the top to modify this effect. If you need to have the same effect as Lao Zuo, you can download this and use it. [ demonstration ]

Second, follow Tencent back to the top and suggestions


The icon is relatively large, and can also be replaced with other required icons and link functions. [ demonstration ]

Third, rocket return to the top


This model returns to the top more gorgeous, only the effect of returning to the top. After more than one screen on the page, click the rocket icon to return to the top directly, and the rocket icon disappears. [ demonstration ]

Fourth, lower right corner of multiple pictures


The link icon with shopping cart, customer service and feedback information can also be replaced if necessary. [ demonstration ]

Fifth, online customer service style back to the top


Websites that pay more attention to the side online customer service effect can use this effect, such as enterprise websites. [ demonstration ]

Sixth, with WeChat QR code, scroll up and down


With feedback function icon, QR code WeChat, and up and down scroll function combination. [ demonstration ]

Seventh, Metro flat style


This METRO style is more suitable for medical institutions' websites. [ demonstration ]

There are more than these effects on the Internet, but they are almost the same. We can change the icon according to the icon above to change the effect we need. One of the above 7 items must be suitable for you.

If the source code for the above seven effects is needed, it can be packaged in Download here

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