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New and old users of Tencent Cloud's 2023 Spring Festival ECS can reach as low as 108 yuan

As always, Tencent Cloud will release promotional activities in the spring, which will not start the spring activities. New and old customers still have benefits and concessions, of course, new customers have more concessions, and there are also old customers. Compared with other service providers, old customers are also better, such as full deduction of vouchers and special packages for old customers.

As of February 28, 2023, let's take a look at the specific activities.

1. Second kill low price activity

The second kill activity is aimed at new or old customers, but it is not strong enough. Only 1-3 months' package is available. If it is a new customer, it is not worth wasting qualification.

We can see that the new customer is 30 yuan for three months, but if you choose, your other new customer qualifications will be lost, which is not worth starting. If you are a regular customer, you can be eligible to try the short-term package.

2. Package gift activities

If we buy a specified ECS product, we can get a free gift of up to three months. Individual exclusive free for 3 months; One month free for all enterprises.


3. New Guest Promotion Package

The promotion package is suitable for new customers, but this package does not give free time. If we need to choose the one above, we suggest to give free time.

For new customers, there are more preferential policies. Tencent Cloud has several new customer activities for cloud products. For example, we see that the 108 yuan package is above the 128 yuan package, but if the 128 yuan package is free for three months, it is still cost-effective. Moreover, new customers have rich cloud products.

4. Get voucher

The New Year study gift package is only available to individuals and is valid until February 28; The gift package for returning to work at the beginning of the year is shared by all enterprises, and is valid within 30 days after receiving it. It is suitable for the upgrade and renewal that we need to deduct.

5. Regular customer package activities

At least so far, there are also activities of regular customers in Tencent Cloud.

We can see the preferential strength of the old customers' ECS, database, CDN and other products. At least it is much cheaper than our regular customers.

If we need to purchase at the beginning of spring, this is also an opportunity.

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