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The latest PHP release The new version PHP 8.2.2 adds multiple functions

Which PHP version are we using now? At present, Lao Zuo is using PHP 8.1. Although a new 8.2 version has also been launched, I personally recommend using it in a staggered manner. For example, if you use 8.2, there will be multiple patches to be added. Here, we can see that PHP 8.2 has an upgrade patch of 8.2.2.

PHP 8.2.2 has been released, bringing various bug fixes. The main updates are as follows.


Fixed error GH-10200 (zif_get_object_vars: assertion `! ((__ht) ->u. flags&(1<<2))= 0) 'failed).
Fix GH-10251 (assertion '(flag&(1<<3))==0' failed).
Fix GH-10240 (assertion failed when adding more than 2 * * 30 elements to the unpacked array).
Fix GH-9735 (Fiber stack variables are not involved in the cycle collector).
Fix GH-9675 (the run_time_cache init of the internal enumeration method is corrupt).


Fixed error # 77106 (missing delimiter in FPM FastCGI error).
Fixed error GH-9981 (FPM does not reset fastcgi. error_header).
Fixed error # 68591 (configuration test does not execute UID lookups).
Fixed a memory leak when running FPM configuration tests.
Fixed error # 67244 (the owner: group listening to the unix socket is incorrect).


Handle the __toString exception in XXH3 initialization (nielsdos)


Fixed error GH-10112 (LDAP Connection:: __construct() points to ldap_create()).


Fix the inverted bailout value in zend_runtime_jit() (Max Kellermann).
Fixed access to uninitialized variables in accel_reload().
Fix zend_jit_find_trace() crash.
Add missing lock for EXIT_INVALIDATE in zend_jit_trace_exit.


Fix the error flag check of the compression method in phar_object. c (nielsdos)


Fix undefined behavior in phpdbg_load_module_or_extension().
Fix NULL pointer dereference in phpdbg_create_conditional_break().
Fix GH-9710: phpdbg memory leak caused by option "- h" (nielsdos)
Fix phpdbg segmentation fault (nielsdos) under malformed input


Fix memory leak in posix_ttyname() (girgias)


Fixed error GH-10247 (theoretical file descriptor leak for/dev/urandom).


Fix GH-10187 (Segfault of stripslashes() under arm64).
Fixed error GH-10214 (incomplete validation of object syntax during deserialize()).


Fix missing check of xmlTextWriterEndElement (nielsdos)

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