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Hostinger added optional virtual host and virtual machine in the computer room in Paris, Europe and France

Recommended merchants Hostinger Hostinger - one of the recommendations of the old foreign trade host companies Hostinger, the business has a long history. In the early years, we may know this business by looking for free hosts. At present, there are independent localization websites in dozens of countries and regions, which provide traditional virtual hosts, cloud virtual hosts, WordPress dedicated hosts, cloud servers, and independent servers. It is suitable for foreign trade website building to support Alipay payment. Preferential activities / Special topics for merchants / Host differences / Purchase Tutorials Visit the official website

Hostinger, a global host provider that we are familiar with, provides localization in dozens of countries and regions, including our familiar simplified Chinese language, and also supports Alipay payment. Businesses provide virtual hosts, virtual machines, cloud servers and independent servers. Generally, we choose more virtual hosts, which are highly recommended in the circle. There are multiple data centers, and a new European data center in Paris, France is added here.

Hostinger's new data center is powered exclusively by AMD processors and NVMe SSD storage to provide the lowest latency and most reliable hosting experience possible. RAID 10 improves this technical system to protect your data in case of hard disk failure. After installing and testing this new server, it can now connect to Hostinger's global three-level data center network. Hostinger shares the virtual host, WordPress host and virtual host, including the newly added French computer room, as well as data centers in the United States, Singapore, India and Brazil. We can also select the server location according to the nearest website visitors.

Hostinger host machine room can be selected by switching the machine room behind the background. If we have European data center overseas business, we can choose French computer room.

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