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Which is easier to use, WordPress Gutenberg editor or traditional classic editor? How to switch

Now when we use WordPress program, the default editor is Gutenberg Gutenberg Editor , using the Block Editor. Some friends may not be used to it, but if we are used to it, we find that Gutenberg editor is very friendly for writing, and can quickly layout any layout model we need. Of course, some friends can also install the traditional classic editor to switch if they think it is not easy to use.

Gutenberg Editor is a new WordPress editor preinstalled in WordPress 5.0 and higher. As a new block editor, it has very powerful functions. Users can easily design beautiful article layouts and styles by using its block functions, and it is compatible with various mainstream WordPress themes. The old classic editor is more like a document editor. Users can get more rich effects through some paid plug-ins (such as Elementor). Gutenberg allows users to place blocks in the page at will, thus creating unique, professional and rich web pages.

The biggest feature of Gutenberg is blockization, called Block, which is similar to the element of elementor. Blocks are actually some completed sub templates. Users can put these blocks anywhere on the page, and then modify the content to their own needs.

The biggest characteristic of Gutenberg is its visualization. The content we edit in real time is the content that your page will present in the future. You just need to add the block you need to the page, and then change the text, pictures and other content of the block to what you need.

The old classic editor is a text editor with formatting buttons, which is similar to Microsoft Word. The new Gutenberg editor uses a completely different approach called "blocks" (hence the name "block editor"). A block is a content element added to the editing interface to create a content layout. Each item you add to a post or page is a block. You can add blocks for each paragraph, image, video, gallery, audio, list, etc.

If we need to continue using the traditional classic editor, we can download the editor plug-in.

Lao Zuo suggested that if we just start writing or hope to customize editing in the future, we should start using the new Gutenberg editor.

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