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Korean CN2 VPS host merchant recommendation (including Korean native IP host rental)

The Korean computer room should be one of the server rooms that many of our domestic friends choose. in especial South Korea CN2 VPS The servers with native IP addresses from South Korea are very popular because of their fast response to foreign trade and game business in mainland China and East Asia. The CN2 server in South Korea is connected to the CN2 direct network on the line. Its speed is similar to that of Hong Kong. Moreover, the international lines that go abroad are also suitable for overseas users. Not only is the access speed of international lines stable, but also the delay to mainland China is low. In addition, the South Korean BGP machine room rental server has more advantages in the multi SEO ranking of websites because it only uses one IP address, at least in the access speed.

If we need to choose Korean CN2 VPS virtual machine and ECS, we can refer to these service providers.

1、iOVZ Korean native IP server

IOVZ merchants are new domestic cloud server merchants. At present, their main businesses include cloud servers and independent servers in computer rooms in Hong Kong, China, Los Angeles and South Korea. In particular, the Korean cloud servers are more attractive to users, because many netizens need Korean servers and there are not many merchants to choose from. In particular, iOVZ merchants actually have native Korean IP cloud servers to do, and there is a test here.

Recommended reading  IOVZ provides Korean SK and Korean native IP cloud servers suitable for website building and game business IOVZ provides Korean SK and Korean native IP cloud servers suitable for website building and game business IOVZ host vendors are newly launched businesses in China, mainly engaged in computer room cloud servers and independent servers in South Korea, Hong Kong, China, and Los Angeles. Among them, South Korea SK and South Korea native IP server rooms still have some advantages. I saw some netizens looking for Korean cloud servers before, especially native IP servers for game business, but these products seem to be inferior to [...] Updated: 2022/10/25 read the whole passage

2. EdgeNat Korean ECS


The Korean native IP VPS host scheme provided by EdgeNat merchants adopts KVM virtual architecture, and the configuration adopts E5v4+DDR4. All SSDs have one IP address by default, and bandwidth is limited without restricting traffic.

Memory core Hard disk bandwidth Price choice
1G 1 core 20G 2M 80 yuan/month link
2G 2 cores 20G 2M 96 yuan/month link
4G 4-core 50G 3M 176 yuan/month link
8G 4-core 100G 4M 256 yuan/month link

For example, if some of our friends need to play Korean games, they need to use native IP addresses.

3. Kdatacenter Korean ECS

 Kdatacenter offers a 10% discount code for Korean native IP independent servers/VPS hosts

Kdatacenter The vendor has been a Korean host for nearly ten years. Lao Zuo remembered that he had personally selected their Korean VPS host last year. The IP address is a native Korean address. However, their prices are not cheap, and there are few discounts. For Korean VPS hosting companies, we expect to see few businesses, especially local ones.

core Memory Hard disk bandwidth flow IP Price choice
1 core 1G 100G 1G 0.5TB/month one $19/month choice
2 cores 2G 100G 1G 0.5TB/month one $49/month choice
4-core 4G 100G 1G 0.5TB/month one $69/month choice

The above three service providers all provide Korean VPS ECS, and all of them are native IPs. Please refer to if necessary.

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