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Summary of methods for updating the image kernel version of Ubuntu system

For most netizens, the choice of server images starts with the purchase of ECS and then the deployment of the system, but we rarely upgrade the system later. But we should know that over time, these system images also have security problems, just as we often need to upgrade images when using computers. Here, I usually use Ubuntu images, and I will update and upgrade them irregularly.

First Apt get update

Download and install the latest kernel version from the official Ubuntu repository. This is the recommended method for installing the latest Linux kernel on an Ubuntu like system. The main operating steps are as follows:

Run the following command to update the entire system, including the kernel.

 $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get upgrade

If you only want to upgrade and update the Linux kernel, please run:

 $ sudo apt-get upgrade linux-image-generic

Finally, restart the system to apply the new kernel.

Method 2 Dpkg command update

First through ~Kernel ppa/mainline/website, download the new Linux kernel version. Then click the link of the Linux kernel version you selected to find the part of your architecture ("Build for XXX").

On the terminal, switch the directory to the location of the file, and run the following command to manually install the Linux kernel.

 $ sudo dpkg –install *.deb

Restart the system to use the new kernel.

 $ sudo reboot

Run the following command to check whether the kernel is as expected.

 $ uname -r
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