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About the privacy protection charge for CN domain names

A few days ago, Lao Zuo also saw that the Western Digital CN domain name will stop privacy protection for free. If you want to continue using it, you will be charged separately after 25 days. The privacy protection fee is about 40 yuan a year, which is more expensive than the cost of a CN domain name.

If there is a charge, do we have any solutions?

1. Select another service provider

At present, other service providers have not seen that privacy protection charges. If other service providers do not charge, they can transfer it to other service providers.

2. Public domain name information

If there is a general charge, there is no need to open privacy protection. The regular CN domain name is only 20-35 yuan a year. If there is more than 40 yuan of privacy protection, it is more expensive than COM domain name. It is better to choose COM domain name.

3. Select COM Domain Name

If the CN domain name with privacy protection is opened, and the total cost of the domain name is more expensive than COM, do we still need to register the COM domain name?

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