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Black Five SSLs provide cheap SSL certificates with annual payment as low as US $2.99

Today, we basically use SSL certificate to encrypt website URL security when building websites and applets. Of course, if the budget is not sufficient and the free SSL certificate is troublesome, the free certificate can also be used. However, compared with paid certificates, the compatibility and security of free certificates are weaker. If our conditions permit, we can actually spend the cost of the domain name to obtain the payment certificate. Here, my common certification channel is the SSLs of NAMECHEAP merchants and their brother companies. This Black Friday, SSL merchants also provide SSL certificates.

We can see that SSL certificates are cheaper than NC vendors. Of course, the most cost-effective option is the five-year PostiveSSL. For example, the five-year PostiveSSL is about $14, and the one-year PostiveSSL is $8. Which do we choose? This is cost-effective among similar service providers. It should be noted here that if we choose a multi-year certificate, we need to reactivate the new deployment certificate when it expires every year.

Here we can choose to support individual single domain name and pan domain name certificates, as well as enterprise EV SSL.

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