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Once a year NameCheap Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2022

The promotion activity of NameCheap Black Friday was finally released. For group friends, some friends are waiting to transfer their domain names and register new domain names. For example, Lao Zuo is going to buy SSL certificates and enterprise post offices. You can start at this time. This year's activities of Black Friday and Cyber Monday were relatively comprehensive. There are also large discounts for newly registered and transferred domain names, such as $5.98 for newly registered COM domain names. Enterprise post offices and SSL certificates are also worth getting, which is cheaper than usual and anniversary celebrations.

As of December 4, the discount code for each product is different. See what's worth starting with here.

1. New domain name

Discount code: BFCMTLD22

If you need to register a new domain name, Laozuo suggests registering a regular COM domain name. If you need to renew other suffixes, it is expensive.

2. Transfer domain name

Discount code: BFCMTR22

If the domain name needs to be transferred, the transfer preference of three domains is supported.

3. Enterprise Post Office

Discount code: BFCMEMAIL22

If you need a post office for foreign trade business or personal personalization, you can use this enterprise post office. At present, there are few enterprise post office service providers that support free services, so it is better to get a paid one at a low price.

4. SSL Certificate

Discount code: BFCMSSL22

The SSL certificate is the cheapest in five years, but it needs to be reactivated every year to generate a new certificate deployment.

Lao Zuo believes that these products are worth starting with in the black five of NC service providers. For virtual hosts, VPS hosts, etc., he can choose other specialized service providers.

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