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Where is a cheap CDN acceleration service? Qiniu Cloud Double 11 CDN and cloud storage activities

Nowadays, it is common for websites to use cloud storage and CDN acceleration. In fact, the cost of live broadcast acceleration services, including short video and live broadcast service applications, is relatively high. Generally, many of our friends will choose Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud. In fact, old CDN and cloud storage service providers such as Youpai Cloud and Qiniu Cloud also have good promotional activities. Here, Lao Zuo saw that Qiniu Cloud service providers had released the Double 11 event. There was still a good discount for new and old customers' traffic packages and cloud storage service packages, including the SDK business of live short videos.

If our new and old customers need cloud storage and CDN traffic packages, we can see if there is a cost difference between them and the service provider you are using. You can also try. For Qiniu Cloud users, 10GB of storage and traffic will be given away every month.

1. New customers' instant sales

There are two second kills every day, the first one is 07:00-14:00, and the second one is 14:00-21:00. The products of each second kill are not completely consistent, and the event page shall prevail.

For our new user experience product of Qiniuyun, you can get 100GB traffic acceleration at a starting price of 0.19 yuan.

2. Full or reduced voucher

The full discount coupon can be used for all goods except virtual machine, seckill goods, and new certification special price activities. The purchased products can be used when the full discount amount is reached, and can be used across product categories.

3. Cloud storage package

11 nines SLA service, applicable to multiple scenarios such as image/video storage, hotspot sharing, backup and archiving

4. CDN traffic package

Full carrier coverage, intelligent scheduling, no additional request times, and lower time-sharing matching cost Is the CDN traffic package of some cloud service providers much cheaper than what we have seen?

5. Live broadcast traffic package

The traffic resource package only supports live stream deduction under the traffic billing method in mainland China. If you are currently charging for peak bandwidth, you need to click here to find [Product Price - Live Cloud] to switch to traffic billing.

6. Short video SDK

One stop coverage of video capture to scene editing, supporting third-party filters, face stickers and other functions

At the same time, Qiniu Cloud also has package services including real-time audio and video, video transcoding, video monitoring storage, cloud SMS, AI intelligent identification services and other applications.

In a word, if we need CDN and cloud storage services, we can try this one. For example, WP's cloud storage separation static files can also use the WPQINIU plug-in.

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