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RAKsmart Black Friday, $100, $50 free

The annual "Double 11" promotion activity is about to start, and major service providers have also released pre-sale activities. We saw RAKsmart release its Double 11 pre-sale at the weekend, and Lao Zuo here also newly reorganizes it for friends in need. Their pre-sale activities are relatively strong, and they can return the full value, for example, if you have a recharge of $100, you can get $50 free. At the same time, there is a 15% discount for enterprise cloud servers, and a low price VPS host as low as $0.99 per month, including other cloud products will also be available in succession.

 The RAKsmart service provider will charge $100 for the pre-sale Double 11 event and get $50 free

At present, the pre-sale products are available, and the official activity will start on November 1.

First, recharge activities

New and old customers of RAKsmart recharge $10 and get $10 free, $30 for $50, $50 for $100 You can get 100 dollars for recharging 1000 dollars. (Cash will be sent to apply for recharging, and a work order "Apply for recharging red packet" shall be issued)

At the same time, the sales of advanced anti DDoS products in RAKsmart machine rooms resumed, the base price of group copying in the United States+Japan+Hong Kong station was $153.85, the limited number of independent servers was only $30, the cloud server products were 70% off and could enjoy half price in the first month, and the cloud phone, Sitelock, corporate email, SSL certificate and other products were also 85% off.

II. Exploding independent servers

computer room CPU Memory Hard disk bandwidth Price choice
silicon valley E3-1230 16GB 1TB HDD Continental optimization 100M unlimited $30/month choice

Third, half price of ECS in the first month

During the event, purchase the "RAK Cloud" cloud server product and enjoy a 70% discount for the whole audience. At the same time, you can apply for half price for the first month. Discount code: Cloud-TP-30% dis

(1) The first month of the popular ECS is only 2.49 dollars!!!

(1) SV ECS 1 core, 1G memory, 40G system disk; Second bargaining: $2.49/month Buy now

(2) LA ECS 1 core, 1G memory, 40G system disk; Second bargaining: $2.49/month Buy now

Fourth, the price of bare metal cloud products is as low as $69

(1) SV (Silicon Valley) E5-2620, single CPU, 32G memory, 1T HDD, 1 IP, mainland optimization, 100M/unlimited;

Surprise price: $69.30 Buy now

Fifth, 30% discount on VPS

1. During the event, purchase of VPS from the United States, Japan and Hong Kong can only enjoy a 70% discount for the whole session; VPS 30% discount code: VPS-TP-30%dis

2. Popular VPS, as low as 0.99 US dollars!!!

(1) The popular 512M SSD VPS was sold for only $0.99!!!

(1) SV (Silicon Valley) Linux 512 SSD VPS, 512M memory, 20G, 1IP, Boutique/15M;

Surprise price: $0.99/month Buy now

(2) The popular 1536M SSD VPS is only sold for $1.99 (only for new users)!!!

(1) SV (Silicon Valley) Lin/win1536 SSD VPS, 1536M memory, 60G, 1IP, Boutique/15M;

Surprise price: $1.99/month Buy now

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