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Whether WeChat applet must use SSL certificate and several common SSL certificate options

At present, our website projects should generally choose SSL certificates. For general personal websites, we will also choose free certificates. After all, for most people, we only need to see that the browser has an HTTPS green lock, but for some commercial projects, we need to use SSL certificates with stricter encryption. A friend will ask whether an SSL certificate is required for WeChat apps. Previously, it was not necessary, but now it is mandatory.

 Whether WeChat applet must use SSL certificate and several common SSL certificate options

The data exchange process of WeChat applet requires https encryption protocol and conforms to ATS security standards. The basic requirements are trusted certificate, domain name matching, certificate chain completion, server protocol version no less than TLSv1.2, and data can be developed and called in WeChat applet on the premise of forward security compliance. Therefore, WeChat applet must use SSL certificate.

Do WeChat apps have to use payment certificates? That's not necessarily true. We can also use free certificates. At present, SSL certificates include these.

1. DV SSL Certificate

This certificate is relatively simple. It can only be used to verify the ownership of one or more domain names, and can only play the role of website information encryption. As the simplest certificate type, domain name verification and fast certificate issuance can be completed in about 10 minutes without submitting paper documents or manually verifying the real identity of the applicant. The price also includes free certificates, and the fees are only a few dozen yuan to more than one hundred yuan.

2. OV SSL Certificate

This certificate is called an organization authentication SSL certificate or an enterprise certificate. If we need to apply for OV SSL certificate, we need to verify the true information of the enterprise and verify that the applicant is a true and legal organization. This will not be issued immediately. It will be issued within a few working days, and generally costs hundreds to thousands of yuan.

3. EV SSL Certificate

This certificate is expensive, and the EV SSL certificate is the SSL certificate with the highest security level at present. Through extremely strict and even rigorous review of the website enterprise identity and domain name ownership, it ensures the authenticity and reliability of the website identity, and is the most trusted SSL certificate type. The audit cycle is also quite long and takes about a week. The price is also quite expensive, some even require an annual fee of more than 10000 yuan.

At the same time, these three types of certificates also support the use of wildcard types, which are suitable for applets with different needs.

How do we choose?

1. Select according to quantity

If there is a single applet, we will use a single domain name to verify the certificate. If it is an individual or presentation applet, the payment function is not enabled, and data/file transmission and storage are not valued, then select DV SSL certificate.

2. Select according to the degree of safety

If our business needs more stringent encryption requirements, we need to use complex certificates, such as EV SSL. If we are e-commerce mall applet or strictly used for payment to ensure information security, we can choose OV SSL certificate with better confidentiality and security, or EV SSL certificate with the highest security level at present.

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