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WordPress 6.0.3 security version update recommended

Today, some of our friends woke up in the morning and saw that there was a push email in the mailbox. A website was upgraded to the latest WordPress 6.0.3 Security version. Yes, this version is a secure version. We can upgrade it and recommend upgrading. The next big version will be updated on November 1. Let's see what this update has.

 WordPress 6.0.3 security version update recommended

1. XSS stored via wp-mail.php (published via email)

2. Open redirection in 'wp_none_ays' through JPCERT

3. The sender's email address is disclosed in wp-mail.php

4. Through JPCERT media library -- XSS reflected through SQLi

5、 CSRF in wp trackback.php

6. XSS stored through the customizer

7. Store XSS in WordPress Core through comment editing

8. Data exposure through REST terminology/label endpoints

9. Content disclosure of multiple emails

10. SQL injection caused by improper cleaning in 'WP_Date_Query'

11、 RSS Widget: stored XSS problem

12. Store XSS in search block

13. Feature tiles: XSS problems

14、 RSS Block: Stored XSS issue

15. Fix the widget to block XSS

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