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Why are American hosts cheaper? Which business is better for American virtual space?

Why are American hosts cheaper? If we had contacted the website construction earlier, we should know that the virtual hosts and VPS servers provided by overseas host vendors are relatively cheap and the configuration is relatively high. We can see cheap VPS hosts that pay hundreds of yuan or more than ten dollars a year. Why can American host companies be so cheap? Of course, this has something to do with their costs. Relatively speaking, this industry is relatively mature overseas, and hardware costs have been reduced a lot over the years. In addition, most overseas service providers have adopted a non management mode, and they basically have no direct online customer service. If they have problems, they can directly receive work orders, which will reduce a lot of labor costs.

At the same time, we can see that the bandwidth cost of overseas service providers is relatively small. We can see that 1G ports are always available, while the cost of our domestic hosts is relatively large and the configuration is relatively low. We can see that hundreds of megabytes and several gigabytes of space are needed for virtual hosts, and the bandwidth is relatively small. Of course, we can't say that American hosts are cheap, so we must choose them. For example, we can only choose domestic machines for our Chinese business, and American hosts can be chosen for foreign trade and overseas business.

In general, US virtual host American virtual space is a basic personal or enterprise website, and even many foreign trade B2C websites will use virtual hosts. The operation and maintenance technology and cost of virtual machines are much lower than those of ECS. That's for US virtual host Merchants, which ones will choose for foreign trade?

First, SiteGround

Official website


In the early years when we were doing foreign trade websites, we probably paid more attention to virtual hosting businesses such as BH, JH, HM, and so on. We may underestimate SiteGround businesses. In the era when foreign trade websites were rampant, this business was a small team and might not have enough budget publicity. Basically, few of us know about it. In fact, they developed very early. They were established in 2003.

We can see that many excellent host businesses in that era continued to close and merge, while SiteGround businesses are still developing. Lao Zuo saw that many foreign trade blog websites have recommended this business, which belongs to the virtual host used more by foreign trade hosts, and is also one of the hosts recommended by the WordPress official.

Time of establishment: 2003

Minimum price: $6.99/month

Payment method: credit card, PAYPAL

Data center: America, Singapore, London, Australia, Germany, Netherlands

SiteGround has a traditional virtual host and a dedicated WordPress host. It adopts cPanel management and supports 30 day refund guarantee.

Second, BlueHost

Official website

BlueHost businesses may be familiar to us, but in the early years, it was one of the preferred businesses for foreign trade website building. At that time, many overseas host companies had only one host scheme, unlimited scheme, and there was no limit on the number, space, and traffic of stations. Of course, in fact, the total number of files and CPU usage of this overseas host company are mentioned in the TOS file.

At present, Bluehost host companies have been acquired by EIG, of course, many host companies have been acquired. After the acquisition, we see that foreign and domestic operations are separate. At present, what our domestic users see is the CN secondary domain name official website, which provides virtual hosts, cloud servers, independent servers, etc. Data centers include the United States, Hong Kong, India, Europe, etc. Most of our foreign trade users will choose the United States or Europe.

The official BlueHost Chinese company in Shanghai provides Chinese customer service and Chinese language support, which is much more convenient than purchasing abroad. Alipay and other payment methods are supported.

Third, SugarHosts

Official website:

SugarHosts, also known as candy hosts, was founded in 2009. The business background was operated by British businesses with Chinese background. In the early years, it has been engaged in virtual hosting and currently provides virtual hosting to support multiple computer rooms in Hong Kong, the United States, Germany, etc. Support Chinese, Alipay, etc., with Chinese team customer service. Of course, there are also cloud server products.

SugarHosts candy host manufacturers use cPanel management, and there are three different packages according to the configuration. We can choose the PRO scheme of the number of stations, traffic, and whether to give independent IP (Shared Pro gives independent IP) according to the needs. If we are beginner users of Chinese websites, Laozuo is absolutely suitable for their Hong Kong virtual host, at least we don't want to bother with server operation.

If you want to use the foreign trade host, you can choose the Sino US high-speed and ordinary lines, and the former is preferred. Of course, if you have European machine room needs, you can choose the German machine room.

These three overseas hosting companies with American computer rooms are my favorite. If necessary, you can refer to the selection.

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