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How about the FinalShell SSH software? Which is easier to use, FinalShell or XShell

Today, when Lao Zuo and his group friends talked about choosing SSH remote connection tools, I told them that XSHELL and PUTTY were used more often. Some of them use Final Shell software. I have seen this FinalShell software before. It should be developed in China. It is often introduced in some blogs and communities, as well as some official publicity. I haven't installed and used this software for a long time. Now that I have talked about it today, let's take a look at the difference between the FinalShell software and the choice of XSHELL.

We can see the interface after installation. I haven't logged in to the server yet, but there are still some new features. For example, when I can log in to the server on the left, I can see the memory and hardware usage of the current server.

FinalShell SSH software features:

 1. Multi platform support for Windows, macOS, Linux 2. Multi label, batch server management 3. Support login to ssh and Windows remote desktop 4. Beautiful smooth font display, built-in more than 100 color schemes 5. The terminal and sftp are displayed on the same screen, and the directory is switched synchronously 6. Automatic command prompt, intelligent matching, faster and more convenient input 7. SFTP supports faster loading, switching, and directory opening without waiting through various optimization technologies 8. Server network, real-time performance monitoring, no need to install server plug-ins 9. The built-in overseas server accelerates remote desktop and ssh connection, and the operation is smooth without jamming 10. Memory, Cpu performance monitoring, Ping delay packet loss, Trace routing monitoring 11. Real time hard disk monitoring 12. Process Manager 13. Quick command panel, which can display dozens of commands at the same time 14. Built in text editor, support syntax highlighting, code folding, search and replacement 15. Both ssh and remote desktop support proxy server 16. Packed transmission, automatic compression and decompression 17. Support rz, sz (zmodem) 18. Multi location ping monitoring 19. Command input box, supporting automatic completion, command history 20. User defined command parameter function, which can dynamically generate commands according to input parameters 21. The terminal background picture can be set, and has dynamic background blur and text shadow effect 22. One click view of various system information

We can create links. Generally, the free version is enough. If we need to support the cloud or process management, we need to pay.

We can see whether it is different from the XSHELL SSH tool. On the left side, we can see the running time of the server, UPDIME, memory and CPU usage. Include file size at a glance. At the same time, we can also directly use the SFTP tool to visualize the file upload and download processing.

Which is easier to use, FinalShell or XShell?

For this problem, if we only look at the function, the FinalShell is really rich, such as the function of visualizing files. We need to install FTP tools when we use XSHELL, and there is no need to install the FinalShell here. However, I am more worried that FinalShell has cloud capabilities, and I still have some concerns about the security of information. However, I haven't mentioned some security issues in some online introductions and evaluations.

Later, I will use FinalShell on some test servers. If there is no problem with security, it is really a good comprehensive operation and maintenance tool from the perspective of operation and maintenance.

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