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Comparison between Kubernetes and Docker

Previously, when we deployed software, we could use direct compilation. However, since the container class deployment software was available, we began to know about kubernetes and dockers. Both are container deployment service tools. Since both can be deployed, there must be differences between the two, as well as advantages and selection suggestions.

 Comparison between Kubernetes and Docker

First, the concept of kubernetes and docker


Kubernetes, We also have an abbreviation, k8s. A popular open source container cluster management system. It can be used to realize automatic deployment, automatic expansion, maintenance and other functions of container clusters. This is a relatively comprehensive system, which is used for automatic deployment, scheduling and expansion of container applications, and supports many container tools.


Docker, We should be more familiar with the container engine deployment, and Lao Zuo is also commonly used. Docker container tool can provide image based deployment mode. It enables it to easily share applications or service groups with its dependent programs across multiple environments. Docker can also automatically deploy applications in this container environment (or merge multiple processes to build a single application).

Second, Kubernetes vs. Docker

Docker is mainly a platform and tool for building, distributing and running Docker containers; Kubernetes does not include the ability to create or manage container images, and it does not run containers itself. Docker is mostly used on a single node, while Kubernetes is mostly used on clusters. Generally, we use more dockers for a single product. For cluster management, we use K8S.

To sum up, the Docker architecture is relatively simpler. When we use it, we don't need to have a particularly complex configuration. We just need to install Docker on each node. The scheduling and management functions are not as complex as kubernetes.

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