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SiteGround host scheme selection suggestions - StartUp/GrowBig/GoGeek 3 schemes

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We actually have“ Introduction to foreign trade host SiteGround and detailed records of the purchase process of SiteGround host "As mentioned in the article, when purchasing the SiteGround foreign trade host WEB HOSTING, we will see that there are three packages to choose from: StartUp/GrowBig/GoGeek. How should many of us decide when we encounter these three options when choosing the SiteGround foreign trade host? In this article, we will directly analyze the differences and suggestions of the three host packages separately.

 SiteGround host scheme selection suggestions - StartUp/GrowBig/GoGeek 3 schemes

Let's look at the basic configuration of the three packages. Briefly analyze the differences between the three packages.

First, the number of stations is different

We can see that the basic StartUP package can only build one website, that is, one host can only build one website. The other two packages do not limit the number of websites. From the perspective of site allocation costs, the latter costs relatively low, especially when we have multiple websites.

Second, the size of hard disks is different

We can see that the size of the hard disk in the basic package is 10GB, followed by 20 and 30GB. This is actually based on our actual project. Some projects cannot use such a large hard disk, and the basic 10GB hard disk is enough. In fact, we can also see the number of users carrying traffic. If we have 10000 people per month and 300 visits per day on average, we will use the former.

For basic websites, the first package is also sufficient. If we do not use it in the future, we can directly upgrade the host. Or we can reach the goal in one step. If two or more websites share the cost, we can use the GrowBig package, which is our common choice.

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