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How to select 7 data center machine rooms of SiteGround virtual host

Recommended merchants Siteground merchants SiteGround - PHP virtual hosting provider of foreign trade independent website SiteGround, an overseas hosting company established in 2004, focuses on foreign PHP virtual hosts, including ECS hosts. SiteGround merchants mainly focus on WordPress dedicated hosts and WooCommerce business hosts. The data center includes multiple computer rooms in Singapore, the United States, Australia, Spain, the United Kingdom, and so on. It is suitable for foreign trade PHP website host selection. Preferential activities / Special topics for merchants / Purchase Tutorials Visit the official website

We have introduced“ Introduction to foreign trade host SiteGround and detailed records of the purchase process of SiteGround host "In the purchase experience tutorial, we saw that SiteGround hosts have multiple data centers, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and the European Union. How do we choose hosts? For example, can we choose based on our website project or actual speed. At present, the official has not seen the tested IP address, so we will judge the selection according to our actual use experience.

 How to select 7 data center machine rooms of SiteGround virtual host

At present, there are 7 data centers. How do we choose.

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When we select the SiteGround virtual host, it is the Singapore machine room by default, and we need to choose by ourselves.

First, Singapore computer room

In fact, similar to SiteGround host companies, we can see that many host companies have Singapore computer rooms, but we should not imagine too beautiful. The speed of the Singapore computer room is not very good, and it is not directly connected to the Chinese line. Our domestic users have a slow access speed, but if we use it for Southeast Asia projects, we can choose it, but if it is a Chinese website, we cannot choose it.

Second, American computer room

What kind of computer room is chosen by the public in the United States? It is suitable for most website projects. If it is a Chinese website, I still do not recommend choosing, or even choosing a SiteGround host company. We can choose other host companies with good speed in Asia or China. SiteGround US computer room is suitable for projects of global business of foreign trade websites.

Third, European computer room

European machine rooms include those in Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. For example, we choose to use those specially targeted at European businesses. Because according to the strategic ranking of Google's search engine, if the server is close to which regions, the user access and ranking in these regions will be more advantageous. If our website project is global, we can choose the American computer room.

Fourth, Australian computer room

At the same time, we can also see the Australian computer room. It is suitable for business in Oceania.

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