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Which type of SSL certificate is better for website domain name selection?

When we select SSL certificates for website domain names, we see that there are still many types, but in fact, we see that more can be bound to the number of domain names, such as binding a single domain name, binding multiple domain names, or Universal Domain Name Certificate What kind should we choose? In this article, Lao Zuo will teach you how to choose a domain name certificate in a simple way.

1、 Single domain name certificate

We usually choose this Single domain name certificate For example, our domain name is In fact, the certificates we use are and At this time, we can choose a single domain name certificate to include these two. If we need a certificate for the secondary domain name, we need to purchase a new single domain name certificate separately.

2、 Multi domain name certificate

The so-called multi domain name certificate is that one domain name can use multiple domains. This depends on the number of domain names supported by the certificate. For example, two domains like or need to use one account to buy multiple domain name certificates.

3. Universal Domain Name Certificate

The so-called pan domain name certificate refers to our domain name, including the primary domain name www or without www, and the secondary domain name. According to the single domain name, we need to buy many domain name certificates, but if the pan domain name certificate is used, we can use only one pan domain name certificate for any pan domain name.

Therefore, we usually choose a single domain name certificate. If you have a pan domain name website, choose a pan domain name website. We usually don't use multiple domain name certificates, which is confusing.

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