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Speed comparison of VULTR servers in Singapore and Japan

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In the past two years, many of our friends have chosen Southeast Asia for foreign trade business. Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and other servers that few people used to care about have sold well in the past two years. Earlier, we have collated the speed comparison between Korean and Japanese servers. In this article, we will look at the comparison between Singapore and Japanese servers. In fact, my personal suggestion is that if our business group is in Southeast Asia, we can still choose the Singapore computer room. Let's see the speed together.

1、 Singapore server speed

Singapore IP:

 Singapore server speed

We can see that the speed of the Singapore server node is quite fast.

2、 Japanese server speed

Vultr Tokyo Machine Room, Japan:

 Japanese server

The speed of Japanese computer rooms in China is very fast. For Singapore, the speed is about 68MS.

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