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How to select a Hong Kong VPS host and a US VPS host? Both VPS adapt to the project and selection requirements

At present, most of the VPS hosts we choose in the market are the VPS hosts in the United States and Hong Kong, China. For the former, we often use foreign trade business or advanced defense servers, because there are more American computer rooms or European computer rooms with high cost performance in terms of defense capabilities. However, Hong Kong VPS ECS servers are mostly selected because their speed is similar to that of our mainland computer rooms, and they do not need to be filed for the time being. In addition, we have seen a large number of providers in Hong Kong machine rooms, and Asian businesses can also be used. Then we choose American VPS What is the definition and choice between VPS and Hong Kong VPS?

1. Select according to project

If our Chinese business is aimed at users in the mainland and Asia. It is recommended to choose the Hong Kong machine room. Of course, we can also see that there are CN2 optimized lines and ordinary BGP lines in the Hong Kong machine room. If we are targeting mainland users, it is recommended to choose the CN2 optimized line, preferably the three networks direct connection. If the business is in Asia, you can choose BGP international lines. Of course, if we are engaged in foreign trade business, for global or European business, we can choose American or European VPS.

Lao Zuo doesn't suggest that if the Chinese business requires high speed, we should choose the American VPS, unless we really need advanced anti DDoS servers.

2. Select according to speed

In fact, we mentioned above that the speed of Chinese business and foreign trade business is different according to user requirements. We should take into account the user experience when we build any website. If you use a slow American computer room on our Chinese website, it will definitely not work, affecting users' PV and conversion rate. Similarly, we use more American VPS for foreign trade websites. Even if there is a business targeting Europe or a country or region, we will even choose the VPS machine room of that country.

3. Select according to price

Cost is also a factor we consider. Some friends do not work as websites. As long as they have machines for remote business operations, they choose the cheap U.S. VPS. After all, the bandwidth of the U.S. VPS is larger than that of Hong Kong VPS. The general bandwidth of Hong Kong VPS is relatively small, which is suitable for building a website. If you need to download or hang up games and other businesses with large bandwidth, more people may choose the U.S. VPS.

These are some of the reasons I think for choosing VPS in the US or Hong Kong. If you are hesitant, you can refer to them.

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