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Tencent ECS free on purchase activity can be given for up to 3 months (ECS is recommended in the near future)

Recently, Lao Zuo found that many netizens reported that Tencent Cloud lightweight servers are prone to failure, and the general symptom is that the website cannot be opened, and then restart the server. There is also such a problem with a lightweight server of Lao Zuo. This situation should not be a coincidence or an example. It may be related to the recent hot sale of lightweight servers. Relatively speaking, the ECS CVM is relatively stable, so if we want to choose Tencent ECS in the near future, we recommend choosing ECS.

Of course, if we are not a website building business, lightweight servers are cheaper than ECS after all, and we can also choose. It is recommended to select ECS CVM for the purpose of building a website. Recently, we have seen that after the 618 event, the activities of businesses tend to be normal, and the characteristics of activities are not much different. Let's take a look at the current activities of Tencent Cloud.

Let's see what activities there are.

1. Buy a free gift

After purchasing any commodity in this special area, users can obtain the gift eligibility and view the gift benefits. The qualification is valid for 15 days. If it is not received within the specified period, the qualification will be invalidated.

 Tencent cloud server free of charge activity can be given for up to 3 months

We can see lightweight servers and CVM ECS. If we build a website, Laozuo suggests choosing CVM ECS over lightweight servers. Enterprise users can get 3 months' renewal for free, and individual users can get 1 month.

2. Time limited activities

The first year of lightweight application server starts at 65 yuan! A limited amount of looting starts at 9:00 every day. We can also see that users with non essential new customers have a three-month server option.

Time limited activities are mostly lightweight servers.

3. Shared by new and old customers

Our new and old customers can choose popular ECS, CDN, COS, cloud data path and other products. A few days ago, Lao Zuo also got a three-year plan for an S5 ECS.

In this way, we can see the current activities of Tencent cloud products. If there are new purchases, they can be purchased on demand. There is no need to stock up. They have activities every month.

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