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ThemeBetter theme 618% off - DUX, YIA We Media Blog theme optional

At present, when we set up our own We Media and blog, we choose DUX, XIU and JUSTNEWS as the most popular themes. Of course, there are many other themes, such as RI theme series, sub theme, B2 theme, etc. Lao Zuo mentioned earlier that during the 618 promotion, there was a half price event on the JUSTNEWS theme, during which a domain name authorization was presented.

Activity reference here JustNews theme 618 year campaign to buy one and get one free - WordPress theme worth getting started

The JUSTNEWS theme has only one authorized domain name by default. During the activity, there can be two authorized domain names. After the activity, you can apply for a new authorized domain name on the work order. At the same time, we see that ThemeBetter theme of DUX theme merchants offers a 30% discount. Here we often use DUX and YIA themes. XIU and D8 themes have not been updated, so we do not recommend choosing them.

 ThemeBetter theme 618% off - DUX, YIA We Media Blog theme optional

Here we will look at the differences and choices between DUX and YIA themes.

1. DUX Theme

It supports quick messages, special topics, Baidu inclusion push, human-computer verification, multi-level classification filters, and is suitable for vertical sites, science and technology blogs, personal sites, flat design, simple white, super multi-function configuration, membership center, direct links, and automatic thumbnails.

The original price is 799 yuan, but 560 yuan after discount. The number of domain names is not limited, but the domain names must be under one subject. For example, it is under a record name.

2. YIA Theme

It supports one button color change, full site SEO settings, Baidu inclusion, and is suitable for various personal display websites, blog stations, industry stations, etc. It is a flexible gadget module with flat design, multi device support, sidebar follower, unlimited list loading, and flexible.

The original price is 299 yuan, but 182 yuan after discount. However, there can only be one authorized domain name.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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