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Briefly analyze the difference between virtual machine and ECS and how to select them

Tonight, you will pay the balance overnight for the pre-sale on the e-commerce platform to start the new mid year 618 promotion. From tomorrow, we will also have a series of promotion activities for ECS merchants, which will officially start in 618 years ECS and VM How do you choose? Here we are choosing VM and ECS Is there any confusion about how to choose.

First, the architecture of virtual machine and ECS is different

The so-called cloud virtual host is similar to the virtual host we used before, but it is better than the traditional virtual host in configuration flexibility. And many cloud virtual hosts provide free or paid independent IP addresses. Our hardware configuration and technical security of virtual machine are upgraded compared with traditional virtual machine. But it is still a virtual host product, such as the virtual host managed by the cPanel panel.

ECS is actually an upgrade of our previously useful VPS hosts. Through the new virtual technology architecture VPS host, which we call ECS here, we can upgrade the hardware configuration separately, while the previous VPS host must be upgraded and upgraded in the overall package to upgrade and downgrade.

Second, the resources of virtual machine and ECS are different

The cloud virtual host we see is actually an upgrade of the virtual host, or a virtual host. When comparing with ECS, we need different resources. The configuration of virtual host is limited, such as hard disk, bandwidth, and number of files. Of course, the price is cheap. In fact, ECS is a virtual ECS, which has large space, storage data, and resource allocation, and can be expanded.

Third, the technologies of virtual machine and ECS are different

We choose the direct service provider of cloud virtual machine to provide the WEB management panel. We directly manage and add sites, and most of them can only be used to build sites. For ECS, we can not only build a website, but also run software projects and remote office business. Similar to a separate computer, we can install Linux or Windows systems, depending on the technology provided by different server vendors.

For our users, the virtual host may need less technology, and the cloud server needs more technology, and the operation and maintenance cost is higher.

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