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Recommended Hong Kong space with good CN2 speed? Two Hong Kong virtual host merchants recommend Alipay

It is an indisputable fact that the speed of the website has an impact on the user experience and the collection efficiency of search engines. Of course, we can also see that there are many excellent websites that choose American hosts, but our best choice is to use domestic or Asian CN2 direct connection host lines, so that the experience will be higher. If we have many friends who do not like to register their websites, we can choose CN2 direct connection hosts in Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, etc. For example, many people choose to build a space station in Hong Kong.

We choose Hong Kong Space to care more about the stability of host companies. At present, most domestic cloud service providers do not provide virtual hosts, but provide cloud servers or independent servers. However, these hosts are difficult for novice webmasters. Although they can install so-called visualization panels, they will not solve the problem. So Lao Zuo suggested that users can use virtual hosting when they don't need to use servers. For example, here we introduce two Hong Kong virtual hosting vendors, which are worth choosing.

1. Candy host

Candy host companies started to make hosts in 2009, providing computer rooms in Hong Kong, the United States and Europe, as well as servers and cloud servers. Among them, the virtual host is a favorite of Lao Zuo, especially the Hong Kong computer room is directly connected to CN2, and the speed is relatively stable. The CP panel Linux system is used, which is suitable for the PHP+MYSQL program to build a station. If we choose to choose the PRO scheme, we can give away an independent IP address.

 Candy host

programme disk Number of websites Independent IP Monthly flow Annual payment three years
Baby 10GB 2 nothing 200GB 383 yuan 971 yuan
Pro Unlimited 20 1 1000GB 503 yuan 1187 yuan
Business Unlimited 35 1 2000GB 979 yuan 2357 yuan


What needs to be said here is that the BLUEHOST we see today is different from the BH host more than a decade ago. Later, there were hundreds of merchants acquired by the EIG consortium online, but the operation is still in operation, and the BH China and international versions are different operation teams. What we see are all operated by domestic teams, providing virtual hosts for computer rooms in Hong Kong, India, the United States and Europe.

Recommended reading  How to select traditional host or cloud virtual host for BlueHost virtual host How to select traditional host or cloud virtual host for BlueHost virtual host At the weekend, we saw that BlueHost host vendors were recommending activities on the Double Seventh Festival, and the virtual host had activities as low as 50% off. Some netizens were confused when choosing. They saw that the BH hosting company did not have only one virtual hosting scheme in the early years, but there were many products and multiple virtual hosting options, which was difficult for them. In this article, Lao Zuo is going to write [...] Updated: 2021/8/16 read the whole passage

50% discount code is required for BLUEHOST host selection: BH .

The above two virtual hosting companies all have Hong Kong computer rooms and support Alipay payment. Hong Kong hosts can be selected if we need them.

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