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How to select a foreign trade website server? Foreign trade server recommended merchants

With the influence of economic globalization, many of our friends have begun to seek overseas markets or set up overseas websites. Indeed, our Chinese websites are still very competitive in China, and because of the impact of short videos from our media, they still have a great influence on traditional PC websites. So now many people are choosing to establish independent foreign trade websites. The main reason for this is that Amazon closed many stores a while ago, which led many people to think about re establishing independent foreign trade websites.

 How to select a foreign trade website server? Foreign trade server recommended merchants

Since we want to build a foreign trade website, we must use options Foreign trade website server Then we are choosing Foreign trade server What problems should be paid attention to and whether there are cost-effective ones Foreign trade server recommendation Businessmen, in this article Lao Zuo will answer these questions and select some businesses worth recommending to you.

First Foreign trade website server selection matters needing attention

We choose Foreign trade website server , we need to pay attention to some problems.

1. Virtual machine or ECS

Lao Zuo mentioned in the previous articles that many of our users will use virtual hosts when they choose to build foreign trade websites. To a large extent, as long as the virtual host business is reliable and stable, the cost and time of operation and maintenance technology are relatively low. If the server is not necessary, we can still use the virtual host.

2、 Foreign trade server Machine room selection

The choice of computer rooms for foreign trade station construction is also particular. For example, we are targeting global business, so we can choose more in the United States. If we are targeting Europe, we can choose European server rooms. If we are targeting specific regions, we can choose servers targeting India, for example.

3. Server scalability

Whether we choose a virtual host or an independent server, we need to do a good job of scalability. For example, in the future, as the business grows and traffic visitors increase, we will need to upgrade the server or migrate to a large server. These connectivity scalability needs to be prepared in advance. Generally, large service providers can upgrade, expand and appreciate their capacity with manual support.

Second, foreign trade website server merchant recommendation

If you want to say that there must be many vendors providing overseas servers. Here Lao Zuo sorts out some merchants he is familiar with as well as those he has used and is using. Of course, these merchants also have their own characteristics. Stability is the first thing we choose to build a foreign trade host station.

1. Candy virtual host

 Candy virtual host

We are familiar with candy hosting companies, which provide virtual hosts in Hong Kong, the United States and the Netherlands, as well as cloud servers and independent servers. It supports Chinese and Chinese customer service. Since businesses started operations in 2009, we have used more of their home virtual hosts. For example, American virtual hosts have direct connection and ordinary lines. It is suitable for foreign trade station building business and adopts CP panel management.

2. BLUEHOST host


We are not unfamiliar with BLUEHOST blue host companies. In the early years, when foreign trade websites were especially popular around 2000, almost all those who could do foreign trade websites would choose BLUEHOST host companies. Although all merchants are now resold to EIG Group, and the BH brand is operated separately at home and abroad, we can choose the virtual host, cloud virtual host, VPS and independent server in the United States, India, Europe, Hong Kong and other regions in China.



SiteGround, a business with a history of nearly 20 years, is one of the mandatory hosting companies for foreign trade virtual hosting. There are WordPress dedicated virtual hosts, VPS, and servers, as well as traditional virtual hosts. We can see from many foreign trade websites that SiteGround is one of the first virtual hosting companies promoted by many foreign trade website building users. If we need to choose a foreign trade virtual host, their home also has a choice, and there are multiple overseas computer rooms. Merchants can only pay by credit card.


RAKsmart merchants mainly provide ECS and independent server services, without virtual hosts. Merchants used to promote servers, but now there are new businesses, including new computer rooms in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and many other computer rooms. We can also choose their servers when building foreign trade stations. Their independent servers are more suitable for foreign trade stations, including station cluster servers.

Here you can sort out the website servers of merchants.

programme CPU Memory Hard disk bandwidth IP Price choice
LA E3-1230 16GB 1TB HDD 100M 5+253IP $189/month choice
LA E5-2620 32GB 2TB HDD 100M 5+253IP $201/month choice
LA E5-2630 32GB 1T SSD 100M 5+253IP $224/month choice
SV L5630 16GB 480G SSD 100M 5+253IP $177/month choice
SV E3-1230 16GB 1TB HDD 100M 5+253IP $189/month choice
SV E5-2620 32GB 1TB HDD 100M 5+253IP $201/month choice
SV E5-2620 32GB 1TB HDD 100M 5+253IP $224/month choice
JP E5-2630L 16GB 1TB HDD 50M 5+253IP $224/month choice

For RAKsmart merchant ECS and VPS, the initial configuration is a little low. For Foreign trade station building server The configuration should be as high as possible. After all, the program and user load should be large.


 Latest Linode discount code sorting, new registered account, $100 experience balance

The Linode cloud server is very popular and expensive in the early years. Now it is still relatively affordable, starting at $5 per month. The merchant provides 8 data centers, which are suitable for building foreign trade stations. However, the merchant can only register with credit card, and does not support Alipay or PP. Of course, businesses not only have cloud servers, but also bare metal servers and high configuration CPU servers. They have all the large configurations you need.

Here, we have sorted out several virtual hosts and cloud servers that are suitable for building foreign trade stations. If we need to build foreign trade stations, we can choose them.

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