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What is the recommended server rental in Europe? Comparison of several European server vendors

Due to the needs of foreign trade business, we will use servers in specific regions, such as servers in Southeast Asia, servers in the Americas, and servers in other regions European server Even some of our services need to use servers in specific European countries. For example, a few days ago Lao Zuo met a netizen who needs a native IP address in the UK European server This student should have a business aimed at countries and regions.

 What is the recommended server rental in Europe? Comparison of several European server vendors

Then we are choosing European server rental What should we pay attention to?

1. Stability of European servers

We choose European servers. Since they are operated remotely, stability is still very important for us. Otherwise, if our operations span such a long distance, problems such as slow speed and packet loss will indeed affect efficiency. When we choose the corresponding European server, the stability and speed of the server are important. Of course, we can't hope that the speed of the computer room in Europe is faster than that in the United States or Asia, but at least the packet loss rate is low.

2. European server native IP address

Since some of our businesses need to specify the region, the IP address of the server room and the region where the country is located is very important. If it is a broadcast address, it may not be supported for some services, so we need to use a native IP address. Here, we need to use a pure European server IP address when selecting a server.

3. Price performance ratio of European servers

When we choose European servers, we should also choose cost-effective ones. After problems such as stability and operability, we still need to see the price. After all, we need to consider the server based on the principle of saving car costs.

Based on these problems, Lao Zuo collated the comparison and recommendation of several European server vendors.

1. SugarHosts European computer room

Sugar Hosts, a candy host company, not only provides virtual hosts, VPS cloud servers, but also independent servers, including three data centers in the Netherlands, Germany and France. This gives us a good choice for users who need European servers. In the early days, candy host companies mainly engaged in virtual host business, and their data centers included computer rooms in Hong Kong, the United States, Germany, etc. Since 2012, ECS and independent servers have been added.

We can see that candy host companies have three European computer rooms in Holland, Germany and France. We can choose according to our needs.

2. OneVPS merchants

OneVPS merchant is an Australian funded merchant established in 2012. The company is registered in Hong Kong and supports Alipay and PayPal payment purchase. At present, OneVPS is mainly engaged in the sales of overseas large bandwidth ports and large traffic VPS products. It adopts KVM virtualization technology, exclusive memory and hard disk, and allocates 1Gbps bandwidth ports with unlimited traffic, so it is suitable for Chinese users with large traffic and large bandwidth business needs. All products adopt KVM architecture, allocate 1Gbps bandwidth ports (shared), and use unlimited monthly traffic (10TB is given by default for the opened machine, and can apply for free zeroing when used up without abuse).

programme Memory CPU Hard disk IP4 Price purchase
Basic 512MB 1 core 20GB SSD 1 $5/month purchase
Standard 768MB 1 core 50GB SSD 1 $7/month purchase
Premium 1024MB 2 cores 80GB SSD 1 $10/month purchase
Professional 1536MB 2 cores 100GB SSD 1 $15/month purchase
Executive 2048MB 4-core 125GB SSD 3 $22/month purchase

At present, there are eight data centers to choose from, mainly including VPS products in New York, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo, Zurich, Germany, and Los Angeles.

3. Friendhosting European merchants

Friendhosting is a Bulgarian host company founded in 2009, which mainly provides VPS and independent server rental services. The data centers are located in the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Los Angeles, the United States. We can see that most of the computer rooms are European computer rooms. The merchant website supports Russian, German, English, French and Chinese, and can use credit card, PayPal, webmoney, Alipay, UnionPay and other payment methods. The VPS of friendhosting is based on KVM virtualization, pure SSD, unlimited traffic, and supports custom ISO.

programme Memory CPU SSD Price purchase
Micro 512M 1 core 5G € 16/year link
Start 1G 1 core 10G € 24/half a year link
Plus 2G 2 cores 20G € 46/year link
Profi 4G 4-core 35G € 93/year link
Business 8G 8 cores 70G € 186/year link
Corporate 16G 8 cores 120G € 297/year link

Friendhosting merchants mainly sell VPS hosts in European computer rooms.

4. Linode European machine room

Many friends of Linde business should know that its popularity is very high. It should be clear to us that Linode merchants have more than 8 data centers, including European computer rooms in Germany, Britain, France, etc. As an old service provider, the new account registration is limited to credit cards, but the renewal and reset support Google Pay and PayPal. Linode is still used to do foreign trade business more often, and the merchants are old and reliable.

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5. Contabo German machine room

Contabo is a German host company founded in 2003, providing cloud servers, VPS, independent servers and bare metal servers. The data center includes computer rooms in Germany, the United States, Singapore, etc. Contabo merchants are characterized by high starting configurations, such as VPS host starting with 4 cores, 8GB memory, 50GB NVMe disk, and 32TB monthly traffic. If we need a European computer room with large flow and large configuration, we can choose.

Memory core Hard disk flow bandwidth Price choice
8GB 4-core 50GB NVMe 32TB 200Mbps $6.99/month link
16GB 6 cores 100GB NVMe 32TB 400Mbps $11.99/month link
30GB 8 cores 200GB NVMe 32TB 600Mbps $19.99/month link
60GB 10 cores 400GB NVMe 32TB 1Gbps $34.99/month link

The above five European server and cloud server businesses have their own characteristics, and we can choose according to needs.

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