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618 activity of Warner Cloud Hong Kong server and US server rental promotion

The annual Mid Year Promotion 618 activity started, and the old left introduced Tencent Cloud Mid Year Activity Preview It is also a relatively old Hong Kong service provider's promotion activities in 618 years, including Hong Kong ECS US ECS lease , physical server and advanced anti DDoS server. If we need to choose ECS from different vendors, we can check their products.

The activity ends on June 30. Let's see what activities are worth starting with.

1. Limited time promotions

During the event, at 14:00, 17:00, 20:00 and 22:00 every day, four filing free overseas cloud servers were opened on time, and each ID was limited to one.

2. ECS activity

If the above servers are not configured enough, we can also see the cloud servers in Hong Kong and the United States.

3. Physical server promotion

It includes Hong Kong physical server, American physical server and Hong Kong high bandwidth server. No filing, BGP+CN2 three network direct connection, PING value as low as 5ms, free rDNS resolution.

4. Advanced anti DDoS server promotion

Self developed firewall, direct connection cleaning in moving direction, support T-level defense, and support pressure test. Hong Kong Test IP:, American test IP:

To sum up, we can see that the promotion activities of the major cloud service providers have started in succession. We try our best to choose the server vendors we are familiar with and the public vendors.

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