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Sugar Hosts Candy Host Summer Promotion Hong Kong servers half price in the first month

We are also familiar with SugarHosts businesses in the UK. In the early years, when we mainly promoted virtual hosting, there were many audiences. With the demand for independent servers and cloud servers, businesses also have new independent servers and cloud servers, including multiple computer rooms in Hong Kong, the United States, Europe, and so on. During this summer promotion, we can see some welfare activities, including half price of Hong Kong servers in the first month, ECS renewal discount, and virtual host discount. Let's take a look.

 Sugar Hosts Candy Host Summer Promotion Hong Kong servers half price in the first month

Let's take a look at the summer activities of candy host.

1. Half price of servers in Hong Kong in the first month

Hong Kong servers are directly connected to the mainland, with free DDOS defense. SugarHosts Hong Kong network is designed for fast data transmission throughout Asia. Through Pacnet and PCCW, the transmission is guaranteed to be low latency in most Asian regions. In addition, the merchants also cooperate with China Telecom and China Unicom to build direct lines in mainland China.

CPU Dominant frequency Memory Hard disk Price choice
Dual L5630 2x4x2(HT)x2.13GHz 16GB 240GB SSD ¥1299 choice
Dual L5630 2x4x2(HT)x2.13GHz 32GB 500GB SSD ¥1799 choice
E3-1230L v3 4x2(HT)x1.8GHz 8GB 120GB SSD ¥1029 choice
E3-1240L v5 4x2(HT)x2.1GHz 16GB 1TB SATA ¥1449 choice

The above is the original price, here we can use XZ3H4YDYK7 The discount code is limited to half price in the first month.

2. New purchase discount of ECS

The L1 package can enjoy a maximum of 60% off per year, 25% off for two years and 45% off for three years.

The candy host cloud server room includes the direct connection and ordinary lines in Hong Kong, China, the United States, and the European machine room. At the same time, both fixed traffic packages and unlimited traffic packages also include Windows and Linux systems.

Package CPU Memory Hard disk Monthly flow Price choice
Cloud L1 1 core 1 GB 20 GB SSD 300 GB ¥44.55 choice
Cloud L2 1 core 2 GB 40 GB SSD 600 GB ¥84.5 choice
Cloud L3 2 cores 4 GB 80 GB SSD 900 GB ¥202.3 choice
Cloud L4 4-core 8 GB 160 GB SSD 1200 GB ¥335.3 choice
Cloud L5 6 cores 16 GB 320 GB SSD 1500 GB ¥559.3 choice
Cloud L6 8 cores 32 GB 640 GB SSD 1800 GB ¥979.3 choice
Cloud L7 16 cores 64 GB 1280 GB SSD 2100 GB ¥1791.3 choice

At the same time, every year you renew the ECS, you can get half a year of free use time.

3. 30% off for new purchase of virtual host

It is recommended to select Shared Pro to obtain independent IP for free. Automatic 20% discount.

programme disk Number of websites Independent IP Monthly flow Annual payment three years
Baby 10GB 2 nothing 200GB 383 yuan 971 yuan
Pro Unlimited 20 1 1000GB 503 yuan 1187 yuan
Business Unlimited 35 1 2000GB 979 yuan 2357 yuan

For new orders of SugarHosts virtual hosts, you can enjoy up to 60% discount on the first payment. SugarHosts hosts have computer rooms in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, China, and the Netherlands in Europe. SSL certificates, subdomains, Shared Pro, and Shared Business packages are free of charge, and you can enjoy free independent IP.

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