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Which is better, Japan VPS or South Korea VPS? VPS selection suggestions for Japan and South Korea

Which is better, Japan VPS or South Korea VPS? I saw some netizens discussing this topic today. Due to business needs, some of our friends need to choose CN2 optimized line servers and do not need BA. They usually choose Asian computer room servers, such as Hong Kong, China, Japan, South Korea, etc. Or we will choose servers in Asia due to the needs of Asian foreign trade business. Here we see that South Korea and Japan are physically close. How to choose?

First, geographical location

From the perspective of geographical location, both are equivalent. For example, we choose Japanese servers and Korean servers, which are almost the same distance. Therefore, when choosing a service provider, the geographical location is the same. There is not much difference. It depends on the price and line of the server provider.

Second, product plan

From the perspective of product solutions, because there are relatively few Korean VPS and servers, especially not many local servers, we generally choose not too many merchants. However, most of the service providers in the United States are non direct lines, while there are some service providers in China. For Japanese servers, most of the localized businesses need local addresses for limited purchases, while some of the foreign users cannot buy them, so they need to find someone to buy them.

In general, we prefer domestic service providers for VPS hosts in Japan and South Korea. Their local service providers have, but not too many options.

Recommended by Korean VPS


Kdatacenter merchants are relatively old service providers in South Korea, providing advanced anti DDoS servers such as cloud servers, independent servers, and CDNs in Korean computer rooms. The line of the Korean computer room provided is a native IP address, which is also fast.

programme CPU Memory Hard disk flow bandwidth Price link
100L one 1GB 100GB 1000GB 1Gbps $19/month link
200L two 2GB 100GB 1000GB 1Gbps $49/month link
400L four 4GB 100GB 1000GB 1Gbps $69/month link
800L eight 8GB 100GB 1000GB 1Gbps $89/month link
1200L twelve 12GB 100GB 1000GB 1Gbps $129/month link
1600L sixteen 16GB 100GB 1000GB 1Gbps $149/month link

The Korean SSD VPS host uses 1G ports, 100GB SSD hard disks, and 1000GB monthly traffic. If you need a higher configuration, you can upgrade it.


Domestic service provider, providing Korean native IP Address of the server.

Memory CPU SSD bandwidth Price purchase
1G 1 core 20G 2Mbps 80 yuan/month link
2G 2 cores 20G 2Mbps 96 yuan/month link
4G 4-core 50G 3Mbps 176 yuan/month link
8G 4-core 100G 4Mbps 256 yuan/month link

Recommended by Japanese VPS


DIYVM service provider is a personal favorite and useful cloud service provider in China. Merchants provide computer rooms in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, China, and Osaka, Japan. Japanese cloud servers have CN2 optimized lines, 2GB memory, 5M bandwidth, and a monthly payment of 69 yuan.

CPU Memory SSD flow bandwidth IP Price purchase
2 cores 2GB 50G unlimited 5Mbps 1 69 yuan/month link
4-core 4GB 60G unlimited 5Mbps 1 100 yuan/month link
4-core 8GB 70G unlimited 10Mbps 4 200 yuan/month link
8 cores 16GB 80G unlimited 15Mbps 6 400 yuan/month link

Coupon for 2GB scheme FEB For 4GB and other configurations, the coupon is OFF50 Let's take a look at the configuration.



GigsGigsCloud merchants also provide Japanese machine rooms. Japanese ECS and VPS hosts include two solutions. One is the CN2 GIA optimized line that many of us like, and the other is the direct connection to the ordinary CN2 optimized line. Of course, the price of CN2 GIA direct connection optimization line is higher, which belongs to the high-quality China optimization network.

Memory CPU Hard disk flow bandwidth Price address
512MB 1 core 10G 300GB 10M $7.3/month link
1G 1 core 15G 150GB 60M $18/month link
1G 1 core 20G 150GB 100M $48/month link

Other Japanese VPS hosts can See here

In conclusion, whether we choose Japanese VPS or Korean VPS, we look at their respective needs. If Chinese businesses pursue direct connection speed, we choose the one with good speed. If the native IP is required for regional overseas business, the local IP machine room must be selected.

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