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Hosteons cheap annual payment of US VPS is as low as $13, and the traffic of hard disk is doubled

Hosteons It is a foreign merchant established in 2018, mainly engaged in the sales of VPS servers with unlimited traffic in the United States, characterized by 100M bandwidth ports, 20G defense, and payment purchase by Alipay, WeChat, PayPal, etc. Recently, Hosteons launched a promotional campaign of cheap G port bandwidth KVM series VPS double traffic+double hard disk. In addition, OpenVZ unlimited traffic series VPS is half price. By default, VPS in five machine rooms are equipped with 100G DDoS advanced defense for free. If you need it, you can check it.

1. OpenVZ scheme

HostEONS discount code: OVZ50 (50% off for annual payment, 2-year payment and 3-year payment, and only for packages with 1-core 1G memory configuration or more) OVZ packages can choose the computer rooms in Los Angeles and New York, both with 100Mbps bandwidth and unlimited traffic.

Memory CPU SSD Price purchase
1G 1 core 30G $13.5/year link
2G 2 cores 50G $27/year link
4G 2 cores 60G $54/year link
6G 2 cores 80G $81/year link
8G 2 cores 100G $108/year link
16G 2 cores 150G $162/year link
24G 4-core 200G $225/year link

2. KVM scheme

KVM architecture VPS can be selected from five machine rooms in Los Angeles, New York, Jacksonville, Dallas and Las Vegas, and Windows can be selected for high configuration, all of which have 1Gbps bandwidth. Discount code: ADISCOUNT , (annual payment, 2-year payment, 3-year payment can apply for double flow and hard disk)

Memory CPU SSD flow Price purchase
1G 1 core 10G 1T/month $21/year link
1.5G 2 cores 20G 2T/month $36/year link
2G 2 cores 25G 3T/month $45/year link
2.5G 2 cores 30G 4T/month $54/year link
3G 3 cores 40G 5T/month $64/year link
5G 3 cores 50G 8T/month $90/year link
10G 6 cores 120G 12T/month $180/year link
12G 10 cores 150G 15T/month $270/year link
20G 14 cores 200G 20T/month $450/year link
30G 20 cores 300G 30T/month $675/year link

Test IP of some machine rooms:

 Test  IPv4  Los Angeles  one :  one hundred and three point one one four . one hundred and sixty point nine
 Test  IPv4  Los Angeles  two :  one hundred and eighty-five point two five five . one hundred and thirty-one point one zero
 Test  IPv4  New York:  ninety-one point one eight nine . one hundred and eighty-seven point one zero
 Test  IPv4  Jacksonville:  one hundred and three point one one four . one hundred and sixty-one point one zero
 Test  IPv4  Las Vegas: five point one zero four . seventy-eight point two six
Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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