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Reason and solution for GoDaddy account request to unlock account

Last night, Lao Zuo received an email from GODADDY, "GoDaddy Order Verification Request Status - Please Read", in his GoDaddy account mailbox. The content roughly means that my account was selected (I don't know whether it was intentional or not) for review, and I need to submit my identity certificate and payment certificate within 48 hours to unseal my account. In fact, at this time, if we log in to our own account, we will see that we cannot get in, but will be directed to a“ Request to Unlock Account "The guidance interface can only be unsealed after we submit the supporting materials according to the prompt.

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Lao Zuo is also the first time to encounter such problems. It is estimated that many people will also encounter such problems, so he shared his own solutions and processes, so that future friends in need can see and easily solve them. If you need my help, you can contact me.

Request to Unlock Account Solution:

 Request to Unlock Account

Because I forgot the screenshot in Step 1 and Step 2, only the last screenshot was submitted successfully. In the first step, I choose to submit the proof online or by email. I choose to submit the proof online. The second step is to submit the ID of our account and the proof of your payment. If you pay by credit card, you should also scan the credit card. The third step is to submit your explanation. Think about what you bought before, whether it's your own payment or not. My explanation is like this (it is also true in fact). I used to pay with Alipay. I borrowed my friend's Paypal for the first few bills. The source of funds is absolutely safe and regular.

I received the unsealed email within 5 minutes after I submitted it.


After seeing this email, we can log in to the account normally. The problem was solved and the work efficiency was very good. It said that they could reply within 24 hours, but it took them less than 5 minutes. I even wondered whether the machine could automatically review the account and request to unseal it, and then just submit a document to unseal it immediately. I specifically asked the customer service about this. The customer service didn't know the operation of the verification office.

Request to Unlock Account Reason:

As for the reason for the request to unlock account, I just guessed, but didn't tell me a clear reason when I asked the official. From my own problems and the problems I had caught online, I summarized them as follows.

First, account name

It may be caused by the difference between my account name and payment name. It is judged that I may steal someone else's Paypal or credit card to purchase products, so security verification is required to provide proof materials for the payment account.

Second, funding

If a virtual card is available (many people have encountered it), it will be reviewed, because there is a problem with the source of funds for some virtual credit cards. If such a problem occurs, we need to provide proof materials for the person who sold the credit card to you, because the virtual card you bought only has a card number, and there is no card scanning copy. Therefore, I suggest you pay with your Alipay, credit card or PAYPAL.

Third, account information

With the strictness of various policies, such as this year's“ Pending Whois Verification "In reviewing the information, we need to pay more attention to the integrity of our account information, especially our real name and phone number. In particular, our name should be consistent with our ID card, so when submitting materials, such as your domain name stolen, the submitted materials can only be retrieved if your domain name information and account information are consistent. If you are Scribble, then there is no way.

In short, everything is moving towards a safer, no speculation transition. Previously, a large number of low-cost domain names could be registered. With the improvement of the system and the strengthening of the audit, it is now difficult to register low-cost domain names in GODADDY. If we operate normally, we need not be afraid.

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