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UCloud Youkede promotional activity - ECS address is 58 yuan per year and there is a CN2 optimized line Hong Kong computer room

UCloud Youkede Cloud Service Provider is also a well-known service provider in China, but it has been serving government and enterprise customers in the early years, and many of our individual users rarely use it. Of course, it is also because their previous prices were relatively high. In recent years, merchants have attracted our individual consumers to have promotional activities at relatively low prices. Merchants have provided 30+data centers, including mainland China, Hong Kong, China, etc., as well as Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States.

The promotion activities of UCloud merchants are also aimed at the first purchase of new registered users, so Lao Zuo suggested that if there is a need to use UCloud service providers, it is still recommended to need a new registered account. The stability of his ECS is not inferior to that of Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud, especially the CN2 optimized line of the Hong Kong computer room. The speed and stability of my ECS are even better than others in use. At present, we see that businesses have cloud servers for individuals and enterprises as low as 58 yuan per year, and Hong Kong servers as low as 84 yuan per year. It is recommended to choose a three-year plan.

Business activities are always available, only for newly registered users. If we need to purchase with a new account, we suggest three years at a time.

1. ECS discount for new users

According to the new user qualification of enterprises or individuals, the discount is slightly different, and the enterprise discount is lower. Only enterprise certified users who purchase ECS for the first time. The [1 month] experience model and [1 year/3 year] model are limited to 3 sets respectively. Only users with personal authentication who purchase ECS for the first time. One [1 month] experience model and one [1 year/3 year] model are limited respectively.

If we have enterprise qualification, will the discount be lower? More. We can choose 30+machine rooms according to the needs, and whether it is targeted at individuals or new enterprise users. Laozuo suggested that we buy the three-year plan directly, with a lower average cost. Including the Hong Kong data center, CN2 optimized line speed is good.

2. Physical server discount

It combines the excellent performance of physical machines with the flexibility of virtual machines, rapid deployment, minute level delivery, and fully automatic operation and maintenance. Only one new user is allowed to purchase.

3. Integrated services of cloud products

Domain name, SSL certificate, cloud database, cloud memory, CDN, PathX, advanced anti DDoS, and UWAF are all available to new and old users, and each product is limited to one purchase. Including cheap domain names.

We can see that the minimum CDN traffic package of 100GB only costs 1 yuan. Newly registered domain name, 20 yuan COM domain name, 10 yuan CN domain name. It also includes database, advanced anti DDoS IP, etc.

4. GPU virtual machine special offer

GPU virtual machine can significantly improve graphics processing and high-performance computing capabilities, and has the characteristics of flexibility, low cost, easy to use, and reduce IT cost investment.

GPU server, also called graphics card server, is suitable for big data operation.

5. Real time audio and video special

Real time audio and video URTC provides audio and video communication services with low network latency and packet loss rate, and supports recording, beautifying, watermarking, accompaniment, importing external video streams, interactive whiteboard, and bypass live broadcast. Meet the requirements of multi scene live broadcast.

If we have live or video services, this package should be needed. However, for most users, ECS products are versatile, and we can choose them if we need to, especially with greater discounts for new customers.

In conclusion, UCloud merchants are more reliable domestic merchants and the first cloud service provider listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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