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BlueHost 2022 New Year's Day Virtual Host at 50% off Linux and Windows

Many of our friends should be summarizing 2021 and planning 2022 these two days. So there are still many things on hand, including Lao Zuo, who has no time to write an article. He is not busy and has time to write an article BlueHost Merchants have activities to release New Year's Day. For BlueHost merchants, their characteristics are virtual hosts, which provide Linux and Windows systems and support computer rooms in Hong Kong, India, the United States and Europe. Of course, their home cloud virtual host only has an American computer room.

 BlueHost 2022 New Year's Day Virtual Host at 50% off Linux and Windows

When I saw the promotion activities of BlueHost merchants on New Year's Day, the main reason was that the virtual host had a 50% discount.

Time: December 30, 2021 - January 5, 2022

Offer: two thousand and twenty-two

Let's see what activities there are.

1. 50% discount for virtual host

The traditional virtual host of BlueHost merchants is as low as 50% discount, including four computer rooms in the United States, Hong Kong, Europe and India. For example, the Hong Kong computer room uses the telecommunications CN2 direct connection line. The virtual host provides unlimited space size and traffic. The annual payment host provides free domain names, SSL certificates and network cloud backups. The longer the time, the cheaper the cycle. Linux and Windows systems can be selected.

2. 50% discount for virtual machine

At present, there are only American machine rooms and only Linux systems for the virtual machine. The performance and stability are better than traditional virtual hosts, especially the multi node synchronization used for data security. If we need American virtual host, we will give priority to American cloud virtual host.

3. US Cloud VPS host

At present, the cloud VPS host only has an American machine room, which uses SSD solid state disks. As low as 20% discount, the monthly payment is about 25 yuan, which is suitable for American VPS hosts that need cheap and can pay monthly. Backup service is provided.

4. Stand alone server

BH host companies provide server services in the United States and Hong Kong, which is suitable for those who need more resources and load services. At this New Year's event, BlueHost's gigabit exclusive U.S. servers cost only 350 yuan/month, the gigabit exclusive SSD large traffic U.S. servers cost only 550 yuan/month, and Hong Kong servers and Hong Kong station cluster servers are priced at 699 yuan/month for super promotions. Discount code: DEDI

BlueHost merchant activity details and tutorials can be purchased See here

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