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AliCloud ECS new customers 2GB memory 1M bandwidth three years 174 yuan

At noon today, Lao Zuo talked with a netizen about how nearly 1000 yuan was needed to renew his expiring AliCloud server, and even if he used the renewal discount, he only supported 30% renewal. So I suggested that he find a new account and choose ECS to purchase, which is definitely cost-effective. Here, we see that the AliCloud ECS has an N4 server with 2GB1M configuration, which costs only 174 yuan in three years, but it costs hundreds of yuan for a one-year renewal.

This activity is more suitable for new users. If we are old users who renew and buy new products, we can see what we shared yesterday“ Alibaba Cloud ECS year-end special - as low as 38 yuan per year for users and renewal "Activity. Let's compare and see which is cost-effective.

Laozuo personally suggested that if we can have new users, we must buy a three-year package to maximize the advantages of the account. One year or half a year, this is a waste of account qualification.

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Let's see that there are many ECS packages included. There are also no shadow cloud desktop, SMS, ECS computing, memory and other packages. We can choose according to the actual needs. The N4 is sufficient for entry-level models.

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