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Half Moon Bay HMBCloud Double Twelfth Discount - 15% off CN2 VPS in Japan

Half Moon Bay HMBCloud The Double Twelfth Festival is coming, and a model is launched Japan CN2 VPS A lifetime discount of 85% is offered. Custom configuration is supported. By default, the original price of the configuration is $99.99 per year. The 163 backbone travel and CN2 return travel can unlock Hong Kong and other overseas regions. Banyuewan is a foreign host company founded in 2020. According to the official website of Banyuewan, it was founded by Chinese Americans in San Francisco, the United States, and provides services such as IPLC forwarding and VPS/NAT of GIA lines. Banyuewan focuses on the CN2 GIA package of three networks in Los Angeles. The computer room and the DC09 of the tile movers are the same computer room, and the three networks of lines use CN2 GIA.

 Half Moon Bay HMBCloud Double Twelfth Discount - 15% off CN2 VPS in Japan

First, Half Moon Bay Double 12 Discount

15% off and 12% discount code: 7ILDOQ2P5W

Second, Banyuewan Double 12 Package

CPU Memory SSD flow bandwidth IPv4 Price (original price) purchase
1 core 1G 10G 1000G/month 30M 1 $99.99/year link

Here we use a 15% discount code. 30M bandwidth, monthly 1TB traffic, non native IP address.

Third, Banyuewan Japan test IP address

Japanese test IP:

Let's take a look at PING speed measurement.

1. Telecommunications

Shanghai 42.637ms Jiangxi 51.352ms Hubei 55.408ms Jiangsu 57.082ms
Zhejiang 57.212ms Hunan 59.844ms Beijing 61.216ms Hebei 62.83ms
Fujian 64.261ms Hainan 65.428ms Guizhou 66.902ms Chongqing 70.656ms
Guangdong 70.989ms Shandong 71.468ms Yunnan 72.62ms Henan 73.295ms
Sichuan 73.609ms Anhui 73.624ms Inner Mongolia 75.959ms Gansu 77.82ms
Ningxia 78.376ms Jilin 79.66ms Shaanxi 83.786ms Guangxi 84.976ms
Heilongjiang 91.752ms Liaoning 93.192ms Qinghai 101.21ms Tibet 106.828ms
Tianjin 110.62ms Xinjiang 116.621ms

2. Move

Hunan 63.568ms Fujian 73.229ms Hubei 73.69ms Beijing 76.524ms
Anhui 76.968ms Chongqing 78.304ms Tianjin 79.688ms Jiangsu 79.88ms
Guangdong 81.289ms Guangxi 81.964ms Henan 82.136ms Sichuan 83.208ms
Hainan 83.56ms Shandong 84.872ms Shanxi 85.916ms Zhejiang 88.208ms
Jiangxi 88.796ms Hebei 89.804ms Liaoning 90.501ms Yunnan 91.72ms
Shaanxi 98.384ms Inner Mongolia 102.4ms Jilin 105.072ms Heilongjiang 106.084ms
Qinghai 112.901ms Xinjiang 124.584ms Tibet 128.11ms

3. China Unicom

Jiangxi 55.536ms Zhejiang 58.893ms Anhui 60.456ms Shandong 63.039ms
Hubei 65.556ms Henan 66.616ms Jiangsu 66.919ms Tianjin 67.016ms
Guangxi 67.564ms Beijing 72.153ms Hainan 72.42ms Fujian 72.631ms
Hebei 74.352ms Hunan 74.836ms Ningxia 75.128ms Inner Mongolia 75.18ms
Shanxi 75.988ms Qinghai 76.628ms Guizhou 76.732ms Yunnan 79.816ms
Liaoning 84.58ms Sichuan 84.592ms Chongqing 84.844ms Shaanxi 95.092ms
Shanghai 95.728ms Heilongjiang 96.313ms Jilin 97.18ms Xinjiang 110.716ms
Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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