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Inventory RackNerd Network Monday/Black Friday/Double 11 Cheap Annual VPS Scheme

Black Friday is a rest for some western countries. There are more offline shopping. Many foreigners are accustomed to offline shopping, which is different from that we are basically online. For the promotion activities, we can see that during the Black Five Year Plan period this year, the promotion of overseas overseas shopping was not very strong, and some stocks were also insufficient. This may also be related to the epidemic period in recent years. Today was originally the Internet Monday of overseas service providers, but we see that the popularity of Internet Monday is basically not as good as before.

Some businesses have not released promotional activities at all this year, and some businesses will only release them when they attract our domestic users. This morning, we saw that RackNerd merchants also had a sensational release network Monday activity. There are four annual payment packages, as low as $8.49 per year, with 512MB of memory. For RackNerd merchants, we are basically used to their promotion, as long as it is low annual payment.

 Inventory RackNerd Network Monday/Black Friday/Double 11 Cheap Annual VPS Scheme

Lao Zuo saw that the activities of RackNerd merchants on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the National Day were still going on. This is sorted out together. If we need it, we can look at it together.

First, Network Monday

Network Monday offers four annual payment plans, starting at $8.49 for the 512M package, which can be selected for computer rooms in many places in the United States. It will start at 1:00 p.m. Beijing time on November 29, 2021. Optional machine rooms: Los Angeles, San Jose, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Seattle. The renewal price is the same.

CPU Memory SSD flow bandwidth IPv4 Price choice
1 core 512M 9G 500G 1Gbps 1 $8.49/year Direct
1 core 1.2G 15G 1T 1Gbps 1 $12.79/year Direct
2 cores 2G 40G 3T 1Gbps 1 $22.69/year Direct
2 cores 3G 50G 5T 1Gbps 1 $31.89/year Direct

Second, Black Friday

Optional machine rooms include Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Seattle, etc.

Memory core Hard disk flow Price choice
768MB 1 core 12GB SSD 1TB/month $10.88/year link
1GB 1 core 25GB SSD 4TB/month $14.88/year link
2.5G 2 cores 50GB SSD 6TB/month $27.88/year link
3GBB 2 cores 60GB SSD 8TB/month $34.88/year link
4GB 3 cores 75GB SSD 10TB/month $43.39 per year link

Third, the Double 11 Plan

Memory core
SSD flow Price choice
1GB 1 core 15GB 2TB/month $12/year link
2GB 2 cores 30GB 4TB/month $18/year link
3GB 2 cores 50GB 7TB/month $30/year link
4GB 3 cores 75GB 10TB/month $49/year link

In conclusion, we can see that RackNerd merchants will launch promotions during each promotion. There is no need for us to rush to buy and hoard goods. The promotion is basically similar, and we can buy when necessary. The price of merchants is cheap, and the speed is not CN2 direct connection, which is suitable for general purposes. To build a website, we still need to choose Asian computer rooms such as mainland or Hong Kong, China, or CN2 GIA American computer rooms.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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