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Interserver Black Friday Virtual Host 25% off $2.5 per month

In fact, the Interserver hosting companies are relatively old brands. I read previous articles and saw that they shared their articles in 2014. Interserver merchants are also doing promotional activities on this Black Friday, with a 25% discount on virtual hosts of $2.5 per month. If it is a new user in the first month, it only costs 0.01 dollars. The old Zuo, who promoted new users in the first month of this activity, remembered that it was the same before.

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This time, the discount given by the "Black Five" promotion of the Interserver merchants is relatively large. This activity mainly focuses on virtual hosts, which provide hosts with unlimited disk space storage. After the discount, the discount is $2.5 per month. The first month trial of new users after placing an order with the exclusive discount code is as low as 0.01 dollars.

First month trial discount code: tryinterserver

The Interserver merchant virtual host uses the Directadmin panel, and the merchants also provide Linux and Windows cloud VPS hosts.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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