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Inventory of domain name and ECS host business activities on Black Friday/Network Monday in 2021

In the annual Black Friday activity, we saw that all the major cloud service providers had launch activities. The activities of the Black Friday are mainly foreign businesses, and domestic businesses continue to continue the previous "Double 11" activities until the end of the month. In the Black Friday event abroad, Lao Zuo did not know how long they lasted. Since I paid attention to ECS and host domain names, I can see the promotion of merchants, and it is a relatively standard compliance activity. It is relatively standard to release a preview at the moment or one or two days before the event.

 Inventory of domain name and ECS host business activities on Black Friday/Network Monday in 2021

However, our domestic service providers can advance more than 20 days, which really puts a lot of pressure not only on similar businesses, but also on users. Before this article, Lao Zuo has basically accessed the activities of some cloud service providers on the whole network, and at least some of my concerns have basically been released. In this article, we will simply make a summary and take stock of our activities on the Black Friday in 2021 and some activities worth selecting that will continue to the end of the month, including online Monday (next Monday).

Here I will record according to the sampling method, without classification.

1. HawkHost

Hawk host is mainly engaged in virtual host business. At present, it has 7 data centers. During the Black Five, there were only six data centers out of stock in Los Angeles computer room. Merchants have a history of more than 10 years, and basically every Black Friday has promotional activities. This year, the discount is 35%. If you need a cheap virtual host, you can choose a foreign trade website host, which is more suitable for foreign trade business.

Reference for details 2021HawkHost Hawk host Black Friday virtual host is as low as 35%, permanent 45%

2、 NameCheap domain name and certificate

NameCheap merchants are Laozuo's favorite overseas domain name registrars, especially their SSL certificates are relatively cheap. During the Black Five, The new registration and transfer of domain names of NameCheap merchants are still highly preferential. At the same time, SSL certificates are also cheap. Previously, they were only cheap for five years. This year, they are also discounted to 38 yuan a year. There are also enterprise post offices.

Reference for details NameCheap Black Friday and Cyber Monday activities open no routine direct welfare rush

3、 RackNerd pays a cheap VPS host every year

Although RackNerd merchants have only had two or three years, they mainly sell VPS hosts with low price solutions. At present, there are more than ten machine rooms in all machine rooms. During the Black Five Year Plan period, a cheap annual VPS host will be provided. The speed of their home is average, but it is cheap, suitable for overseas business needs. If it is used domestically, it can play. The speed is certainly not as fast as CN2 or Hong Kong computer room.

Reference for details RackNerd Black Friday 5 annual packages as low as $10.88

4、 Megalayer US server activity

Megalayer merchants have been established for about two years. They mainly operate independent servers, and their data centers include the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines and other regions. The discounts offered during the Black Five Year Plan are mainly for independent servers, especially American servers. If you need VPS discounts, you can continue to watch the Double 11 event before the end of the month.

Reference for details Megalayer Black Friday US independent server is as low as 199 yuan/month, half price of physical server

5、 HostDare CN2 GIA

HostDare is a small number of overseas host companies with weak strength, but they are slowly focusing on the products our users need. Always follow today and provide CN2 GIA CN2 GT two line schemes. During the Black Five Year Plan period, CN2 GIA VPS host has a 15% discount.

Reference for details HostDare Black Friday CN2 GIA package with a lifetime discount of 85%, annual payment of 42 dollars

6、 RAKsmart server activity

RAKSmart merchants did not release special activities during the Black Friday, because the activities of the Double 11 Festival continue to the end of the month, so they will not overlap the release activities. But their home has a new bare metal server. If necessary, you can see the current 30% discount.

Reference for details RAKsmart newly released bare metal server with 30% discount, including computer rooms in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, USA and Hong Kong, China

7、 Sugar Hosts

SugarHosts candy hosts are mainly engaged in virtual hosts and cloud servers. The former may be more well-known. We provide virtual hosts in Hong Kong, the United States and Germany, Linux system. If you need a virtual host, you can check this one. I personally think the cost performance is better. After all, they are relatively old. Their family does not participate in the Black Five activities. They directly do Christmas activities, so they put them together.

Reference for details Sugar Hosts Candy Host Christmas Promotion US/Hong Kong Virtual Host as low as 60%

8. Tencent Cloud Double 11 Activities

Tencent Cloud's Double 11 Festival is still going on, and it is included in the Black Five Festival, so it will not release the event separately. As the activity drew to a close, we saw that Tencent Cloud's ECS discount was also quite obvious, especially the three-year lightweight servers and ECS efforts were worth choosing. During the Double 11 Festival, the intensity was relatively large. Some people were waiting for the Double 12 Festival, but generally the intensity of the Double 12 Festival was not as strong as that in the middle of the year.

Reference for details Tencent Cloud's Double 11 preferential benefits are quite sincere, including as low as 48 yuan for cloud servers and as low as 1 yuan for domain names

To sum up, the above are the activities organized by Lao Zuo during the Black Five Year Plan and the activities of Double 11 are still continuing. If we need it, we can refer to it. Or you can go to Laozuo's notes home page to check the updates, including whether there are still options for the Double 11( Inventory of 2021 Double 11 Whole Network Cost Performance Cloud Service Merchant Activities )。

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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