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2021HawkHost Hawk host Black Friday virtual host is as low as 35%, permanent 45%

Hawk host HawkHost is an overseas host company that Lao Zuo likes. If you remember correctly, it was an early host company that provided Alipay payment around 2012. Of course, this host company was established earlier. Since Alipay payment was provided in the early stage, it was favored by the audience. It was troublesome for us to purchase overseas hosts in the early stage. Credit cards and PAYPAL have not yet been popularized. You may only have UnionPay and Alipay. Many people still need to purchase overseas hosts.

 2021HawkHost Hawk Host Black Friday Virtual Host as low as 35%, permanent 45%

Although many people have fewer websites nowadays, most of them use ECS. However, Hawk hosts still provide virtual hosts, and currently have several computer rooms. Of course, businesses are also transforming and changing, and there are also cloud host products and cloud servers. For example, the traditional virtual host has been canceled since last year, but the cloud virtual host with SSD hard disk is provided. This year's Black Friday event has also been released, but the corresponding discount code will not be available until noon on November 25. Here, Lao Zuo announced the promotion discount in advance today.

From noon on November 25, 2021 (Beijing time) to November 29, 2021, the activities cover Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Host scheme Discount Price after discount Discount code
Cloud Web Hosting 65% One Time $1.40/mo bfshared2021
Cloud Web Hosting 55% Recurring $1.80/mo bfshared2021r
Semi-Dedicated 65% One Time $6.30/mo bfsd2021
Semi-Dedicated 55% Recurring $8.10/mo bfsd2021r
Reseller 30% Recurring $9.09/mo bfreseller2021r
Cloud Compute 30% Recurring $23.33/mo bfcompute2021r

Here we need to pay attention to several issues. One Time represents a one-time discount, and the original price will be restored when the renewal is made. Recurring means permanent discount, which is the same price when we renew. Lao Zuo likes a one-time discount. He buys it for two years at a time, and then chooses a new machine when he goes to the Black Friday after two years. Saving money is the absolute principle.

The activity will start at noon on November 25. I just saw that the Los Angeles computer room is out of stock. If we need to choose another computer room, we can choose another one. The computer rooms in Singapore and Hong Kong are not directly connected to CN2. In particular, there are still many telecommunications speed delays. If we build a foreign trade station, we choose Dallas, New York and other computer rooms. Alipay payment is supported, and it cannot be used immediately after payment. You need to wait for the ACTIVE status before using it. The official will send us an email to inform the host.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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