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Which is the pagoda panel or WDCP panel? Choose one of the two previous mainstream panels

Today, Lao Zuo saw that some netizens were discussing whether anyone was still using the WDCP panel. In fact, the WDCP panel was really popular throughout the network in the early years. Basically, our Linux servers will use the WDCP panel, but the subsequent operation and maintenance cannot keep up with it, including the subsequent upgrade. The opportunity was seized by the coming up pagoda panel. From the perspective of user experience, the pagoda panel is really good in the background UI and user operation experience.

 Which is the pagoda panel or WDCP panel? Choose one of the two previous mainstream panels

Someone asked, which one does the pagoda panel and WDCP panel use? Lao Zuo's personal suggestion here is that we should choose the pagoda panel at present. WDCP has been basically forgotten, although the panel may still be used. But they don't use them very much. Some of them were used before, and they haven't been replaced. Here, Lao Zuo briefly introduces the difference between the WDCP panel and the pagoda panel.

First, what they have in common

In terms of function, both WDCP and Pagoda panel can quickly and accurately deploy the combination of LNMP and LAMP to install the WEB environment, and both are managed by visual interfaces. If it is a general website environment configuration, as well as the needs of novice site building, it can meet. From the perspective of ordinary netizens, the number of users of the two panels is really large. And some software installation officials even indicate which panel is more compatible.

Second, the differences between the two

From the perspective of time, WDCP has a certain age. The pagoda panel has developed slowly in the last two years or three years, and it has developed quite rapidly. WDCP should have been developed by a team at the beginning (remember talking to the author), while the pagoda panel has always been developed by a team, so the version iteration and update are particularly fast, and the function of the functional version is fast and complete.

In the last year, the update speed of WDCP is really slow. Although there was an update and upgrade and changes in the background UI before, the user experience is not as simple and direct as pagoda in terms of ease of use and software configuration. Of course, the functions and documents we need can still be used in WDCP panel It is found in the forum or on the Internet, but it may be difficult for entry-level users to operate, and script installation operations need to be involved.

The advantage of WDCP lies in the abundance of documents and the accumulation of so many years, which may be due to the failure to find a suitable profit model or the author's other business. At present, this area seems to be slow. In the early days, there were quite a lot of users of WDCP, including many users in normal times, because WDCP is obviously more than the pagoda panel when it comes to solving problems. On the one hand, it can reflect that it has many users, and on the other hand, it may indeed have some solutions that need to be upgraded and let users reduce their use problems.

Third, suggestions on user selection

Whether it is WDCP panel or pagoda panel, although WDCP updates slowly, users still use it more. The pagoda panel is thinner and faster, users increase rapidly, and has many functions. However, sometimes users ask questions like this or that. In terms of functions, both can be used. From the update speed and function friendliness of the software, the pagoda panel currently has advantages. After all, users of visual operation care about convenience.

The same as we choose panel free script, we can start to try both, and there may even be other software to choose from. After getting familiar with it, we can focus on using one. After all, we have some confidence in getting familiar with and solving problems.

In conclusion, from the current situation, we choose more personal WEB server panels or pagoda panels. Windows system is included. Although there are still small leather panels available, the number of users should not be as large as that of pagoda panels, Small leather panel 's user experience is slightly poor. If we need to install the pagoda panel, we can see the following installation script.

Centos installation script:

 yum install -y wget && wget -O  && sh

Ubuntu/Deepin installation script:

 wget -O  && sudo bash

Debian installation script:

 wget -O  && bash

Fedora installation script:

 wget -O  && bash

Of course, if we think the free version of the pagoda panel is easy to use, we can also choose professional edition There are many good extensions.

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