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Can I use the free SSL domain name certificate? (Features of free domain name certificate)

In the afternoon, Lao Zuo helped an old customer configure the cloud server to build a WEB environment, and then helped him build a basic empty WordPress website. His purpose was to migrate the original dream CMS program data. No, Lao Zuo also shared this article yesterday DEDECMS migration to WP program 's article. And after the migration, he requested that the HTTPS encrypted address of the website be directly realized with SSL certificate.

 Can I use the free SSL domain name certificate? (Features of free domain name certificate)

This did not take into account his cost and did not discuss with him to install the free certificate provided by the WEB environment directly. The student was a little confused, asking whether the free SSL domain name certificate can be used? Of course, I also briefly explained to him. Here I also briefly listed some ideas about free SSL certificates. If we think it can be used, or if you don't feel secure, we can use paid certificates.

First, the characteristics of free certificates

A free certificate, as its name implies, is free of charge. The free certificates we see are free for one month, three months, one year and even forever. This must be different from paid certificates, or not everyone uses free certificates. That's the truth. But free certificates can realize our basic functions. For example, after installation, we can see that the address bar is also a green lock, and it is also HTTPS, without any problem.

Second, the security of free certificates

From the encryption degree of free SSL domain name certificate, the encryption degree of free is certainly not as high as that of paid. How else can we see that there are thousands of certificates every year? It is not only the difference between the universal domain name certificate and the ordinary certificate, but also the security. If we are a personal website, we will simply implement the HTTPS identification function. There is no need to pay for a certificate. Of course, if you feel confident about paying, you should pay for the certificate.

Third, the renewal of free certificates

If the free certificate we use is valid for one year and needs to be applied manually. For example, Lao Zuo has shared Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud certificates for free for one year before, and we also need to apply for them manually.

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If we apply for a free one year or one month certificate manually, we need to reapply and reset the resolution before it expires. Otherwise, it will expire. If we use a free certificate with automatic renewal, such as Let's Encrypt The certificate is used by many webmasters. I also use it for three months for free, but the system will automatically renew it for us. Of course, we also need to check whether the renewal is true. If not, we need to set it manually.

In short, if we feel that the budget is enough, Lao Zuo personally suggests buying a certificate. The price of a single domain name for an ordinary paid certificate is about the same as that of a domain name.

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