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Vultr added the 19th data center Mexico machine room, attached with Vultr Mexico line and speed comprehensive evaluation

Lao Zuo once shared the VULTR service provider's new Swedish data center in September. Less than a month later, the merchant added the 19th data center. This time, the data center is Mexico, the first regional server in Spanish speaking countries. In the official words of VULTR, users in Mexico countries and regions have reported that they need to deploy servers in their own regions, rather than selecting server rooms in other countries every time.

This does not cater to the deployment of global server rooms. This time, VULTR added a Mexican data center. However, Lao Zuo is not surprised that VULTR merchants deploy so many computer rooms. Their parent company is a game server. It is said that the computer rooms cover 35+regions and countries, and other computer rooms will certainly be added later. If we need Mexican computer room business, we can choose to open it.

In this article, Lao Zuo also opened one by the way, and then conducted a basic evaluation. If we need to register a VULTR account and enjoy preferential benefits, we can refer to the latest update.

1. Recharge gift- Vultr releases the activity of "how much to recharge, how much to get free" again - the highest recharge is $100, and $100 is free

2. New benefits- Readjust Vultr's new registered user to give a bonus of $100, valid for 14 days

Here, Lao Zuo opened a cloud server in a Mexican computer room for evaluation.

Here we can see that Mexico machine room has been added as shown in the above figure. After we choose the image and configuration installation, Laozuo tests the basic package of $5 per month.

First, VULTR Mexico machine room speed test

1. Global node PING test

Here we use online tools to randomly test the PING speed of global nodes. After all, it is an American computer room, and it certainly has not optimized the lines for our Chinese region. If we want to operate, we can only operate if the packet loss is not serious.

We mainly look at the speed in America and Europe. We can see that our past PING in China still had packet loss, which occurred during the day, and it is estimated that there will be more packet loss at night.

2. PING speed of Chinese nodes

Telecommunication node speed

Hubei 201.736ms Zhejiang 203.924ms Tianjin 215.385ms Hebei 217.092ms
Beijing 217.79ms Shandong 218.032ms Shanghai 220.626ms Jiangsu 221.659ms
Jiangxi 222.84ms Anhui 224.543ms Shanxi 227.22ms Hunan 227.984ms
Shaanxi 230.061ms Guizhou 233.648ms Henan 235.685ms Fujian 238.046ms
Chongqing 238.049ms Liaoning 238.952ms Guangxi 239.552ms Qinghai 244.81ms
Gansu 254.512ms Guangdong 259.358ms Ningxia 259.41ms Jilin 260.586ms
Sichuan 271.727ms Xinjiang 272.511ms Inner Mongolia 276.92ms Tibet 286ms
Yunnan 288.401ms Hainan 297.125ms

Unicom node speed

Beijing 208.586ms Shanxi 231.58ms Jiangsu 231.593ms Tianjin 234.828ms
Guangxi 235.972ms Heilongjiang 238.112ms Henan 238.147ms Fujian 238.19ms
Hebei 238.428ms Sichuan 241.956ms Ningxia 244.732ms Chongqing 244.832ms
Shaanxi 246.32ms Liaoning 248.404ms Jilin 250.048ms Shandong 250.885ms
Anhui 253.386ms Qinghai 257.164ms Hainan 257.836ms Jiangxi 258.185ms
Zhejiang 259.176ms Yunnan 259.932ms Inner Mongolia 260.464ms Shanghai 260.52ms
Guizhou 264.904ms Guangdong 265.052ms Xinjiang 286.644ms

Second, the route to the VULTR Mexico machine room

It's pointless to look at the past of China for the route, but we still look at the Americas.

 VULTR Mexico machine room route

The route to America is OK.

Third, VULTR Mexico machine room download upload speed measurement

Here, we can see the speed measurement of the VULTR Mexico machine room.

We can see that the speed of downloading and uploading in the Americas is obvious.

Fourth, VULTR Mexico IO and speed test

Here, Lao Zuo tests the configuration, IO read and write of the VULTR Mexico server. The configurations here are the same as those in other computer rooms, but the main reason is that the lines are not connected. Their hardware is quite excellent.

Fifth, VULTR Mexico media support and CPU performance

If we need to use streaming media, they don't support much. Special server for streaming media can refer to“ BuyVM adds unlimited streaming media optimized VPS host "。

 VULTR Mexico Media Support and CPU Performance

In conclusion, the above is Lao Zuo's simple test of the newly launched VULTR Mexico computer room. This is one of their many computer rooms, which is more suitable for overseas business needs. For Chinese business, we don't know how to use it anyway. If we understand it, we will understand it. They have many computer rooms and can delete and open them at any time.

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