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Talking about the difference between the weight and policy of choosing COM and CN domain names for website construction

I saw some netizens in the next group this morning discussing the choice of domain names for building a website. Some netizens suggest choosing COM domain name suffix, some say CN domain names are also very good. They took out some cases to prove that the case weight and traffic of the suffix direction of their recognized domain names are really good. A few days ago, we were splitting their high traffic websites, and one netizen liked to use them The domain name with CN suffix basically has three or five websites with monthly traffic of more than 50000. It's really enviable.

 Talking about the difference between the weight and policy of choosing COM and CN domain names for website construction

When we choose the domain name when building a website, does the suffix really affect the weight of the website? Here is my personal opinion.

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I. Category of COM and CN domain names

The. COM domain name is familiar to many of us. It belongs to an earlier group of international domain names, and most of our global oriented websites will use it COM domain name. Both our personal websites and our foreign trade websites are useful. The suffix of the CN domain name is also an internationally certified domain name, but it belongs to the national domain name of China, and also includes COM.CN。 From the point of view of choosing amiable experience, the CN suffix is also good, simple and easy to remember.

Second, COM and CN domain name selection direction

In general, if we choose the domain name for building a website, we have priority COM domain name suffix, after all, this is an international domain name. If we are enterprises and projects with high commercial value, we'd better protect both COM and CN suffixes. Of course, we don't need to register other suffixes. Of course, if we are a personal website, it is recommended to give priority to COM.

Third, the weight of domain names

Lao Zuo did see that some people especially like to use it CN suffix domain name, and the weight is really large, this should not be considered as intentional, the weight of its own domain name suffix is basically no proportion. As long as we do not choose a particularly strange suffix, there is no problem with conventional suffixes. The main weight also lies in the quality of the website. It's just a coincidence that this netizen prefers to use the CN domain name, because his domain names are all pinyin, so COM has no choice, so we choose CN.

Fourth, questions about domain name policy

If we choose COM domain name, basically all domestic and foreign registrars can register. But Basically, CN domain names can only be registered with domestic registrars, and any domain name registered in China requires real name authentication. Therefore, if there is something wrong with our website, you can't register the CN suffix. It may be easier to register COM domain names abroad. For example, some websites belong to copyright foreign trade. However, Laozuo personally suggested that it would be safer to make any website more standardized.

In short, for us personally, we can choose a domain name that is suitable for us to spell and remember. Both COM and CN are acceptable.

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