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DigitalOcean - San Francisco KVM 20G SSD 512M memory monthly payment of $5

In fact, we have heard a lot about DigitalOcean's products recently. Although it is a brand that started in 2012, its unique promotion method still allows many users to use it. For example, if they have registered before, they can get a low commission of $10, and if they recharge $5 a few days ago, they can get a free commission of $50, which really makes us want to own it. Lao Zuo didn't catch up with the previous $50 free event, but he still had $10 in his account that was free upon registration, so he opened a data center in San Francisco (the west bank is fast) to evaluate it.

At present, DigitalOcean has data centers in San Francisco, New York, the Netherlands and Singapore, and San Francisco is definitely the place with better speed. All solutions of DigitalOcean adopt KVM architecture. Without WIN, they are all LINUX systems. The minimum price is $5 per month, which can also be calculated by hour.


Lao Zuo is still based on“ Five simple and practical VPS performance testing methods "Simple evaluation is as follows:

First, hard disk IO performance test


Second, WGET download test


The download speed is very good, reaching 74M per second.

Third, run score test


In a word, as a KVM SSD hard disk at this price, it is very good.

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