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What is BGP international line and what are the advantages of BGP line

When we select virtual hosts and ECS servers, do we often see BGP lines? For example, a few days ago, we saw service providers have international BGP lines and domestic BGP lines. How is this BGP line different from other service lines? The so-called BGP line machine room is that the compatibility speed of each network is the best through technical means between different operators, but the IP address is still the same.

 What is BGP international line and what are the advantages of BGP line

Normally, the IP addresses provided by a service provider are different in the mobile speed between China Telecom and China Unicom. But if it is a BGP line, it will be compatible with the network users in various network environments to achieve the optimal access speed. It can not be said to be perfect, at least it will be better than that without BGP.

If we choose BGP line, what are the differences and advantages. This premise depends on the actual network line. For example, if the network itself is poor, the speed of any BGP line we choose is certainly not as good as that of the direct connection or optimized CN2 line.

1. BGP integration

The server of BGP line has good scalability and convergence, which can easily realize mutual conversion and interworking between operators. We use one IP address to optimize multiple lines.

2. Fault reduction

If the BGP line server room is used, if the leased server fails, it can be better compatible for backup to ensure data security.

In short, if we choose BGP lines or servers, BGP will be more compatible and interoperable than ordinary operators, provided that there is no difference between the computer room and the lines.

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