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GigsGigsCloud Malaysia National Day Launches Los Angeles CN2 Unicom 9929 Line Time Limit 20% Off

GigsgigsCloud merchants haven't heard from each other for some time, but recently it was Malaysia's National Day (August 31). There was a 20% discount on the introduction of the SimpleCloud V series VPS in Los Angeles, the United States, starting from $6 in the first month. This line is the CN2+Unicom 9929 line in Los Angeles. The discount is limited to 8.31-9.2 (Malaysia National Day). Today is the last day. If you need it, you can have a look.

 GigsGigsCloud Malaysia National Day Launches Los Angeles CN2 Unicom 9929 Line Time Limit 20% Off

GigsGigsCloud is a brand owned by Malaysian merchant TechAvenue, which was founded in 2015. At present, the products of the merchants are still computer rooms in Hong Kong, the United States, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and other places with optimized routes in Asia.

First, time limit for preferential activities

Discount code: 2021-MY-MERDEKA-80-OFF

Each account is limited to one until September 2.

II. Some package plans

Memory CPU SSD Traffic bandwidth Price choice
500M 1 core 20G 1T/month 1G $6/month link
1G 1 core 30G 2T/month 1G $11/month link

Select "SIMPLECLOUD V" as shown above. The price we choose is subject to the actual situation. The deadline of the activity is subject to the actual situation. If necessary, test their Los Angeles IP:

1. Telecommunications

Shanghai 130.975ms Anhui 136.884ms Zhejiang 139.547ms Jiangsu 145.69ms
Hubei 146.718ms Tianjin 153.712ms Shandong 154.164ms Beijing 154.916ms
Jiangxi 156.464ms Guangdong 156.534ms Shanxi 157.912ms Inner Mongolia 159.943ms
Shaanxi 160.071ms Chongqing 163.581ms Hainan 165.736ms Sichuan 165.935ms
Ningxia 167.888ms Liaoning 167.938ms Fujian 169.743ms Henan 171.779ms
Guizhou 172.92ms Hebei 173.54ms Heilongjiang 175.156ms Jilin 176.24ms
Hunan 177ms Qinghai 181.104ms Guangxi 185.228ms Gansu 195.392ms
Xinjiang 204.847ms Yunnan 223.239ms Tibet 250.924ms

2. China Unicom

Shanghai 134.024ms Anhui 139.443ms Zhejiang 147.3ms Jiangxi 150.372ms
Jiangsu 151.225ms Hubei 151.504ms Hunan 153.152ms Tianjin 154.044ms
Beijing 160.956ms Chongqing 162.596ms Hebei 164.308ms Henan 167.964ms
Shaanxi 168.708ms Qinghai 169.152ms Hainan 170.176ms Shanxi 171.852ms
Guangdong 172.036ms Fujian 172.791ms Sichuan 174.908ms Guizhou 176.552ms
Inner Mongolia 177.192ms Jilin 177.436ms Guangxi 179.74ms Liaoning 182.084ms
Heilongjiang 182.524ms Yunnan 191.2ms Xinjiang 197.256ms Ningxia 197.536ms
Shandong 212.266ms

3. Move

Guangdong 154.791ms Shanghai 155.092ms Jiangsu 164.475ms Hainan 170.676ms
Zhejiang 171.42ms Fujian 174.145ms Shaanxi 177.008ms Beijing 178.032ms
Hubei 179.084ms Anhui 180.438ms Guangxi 181.832ms Inner Mongolia 182.94ms
Jiangxi 183.084ms Hebei 184.544ms Tianjin 188.204ms Shanxi 188.216ms
Chongqing 188.496ms Yunnan 189.46ms Ningxia 191.388ms Henan 194.756ms
Hunan 196.696ms Sichuan 197.364ms Liaoning 199.812ms Shandong 206.184ms
Qinghai 209.771ms Heilongjiang 216.856ms Xinjiang 242.096ms Tibet 246.598ms
Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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