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A few days ago“ Z-Blog 2. X Blog Theme High end Atmospheric Life Log Theme "After the theme is released, there are still many friends using it. If there is a ZBLOG ASP theme in use, we will remind you to upgrade in the background after updating. But the update action will not be too big, because Personal blog theme It is simple, and the functions need not be too complicated. On“ Comparison between 64M memory VPS and ZBLOG (PHP) "At that time, we saw that TYPECHP and ZBLOG PHP are both good low memory CMS, especially the former uses many users, while the latter used to be dedicated to ASP, and the PHP version is still constantly improving.

In order to test the 64MB VPS, Lao Zuo also bought a machine with an annual payment of US $3.99, which was idle and wasteful, so he set up TYPECHO CMS. It happened that the theme of Lao Jiang's tribe was also relatively simple, so he spent several hours porting the ZBLOG ASP version to TYPECHO, and made the TY theme for the first time. Some calls were still found in the default theme and other documents, Basically, it can be used. If there is time to improve it later.



Theme download address: Online disk download

After downloading the theme, unzip it to the usr/themes directory. After logging in in the background, start it in the theme. If you have any problems with the use of TYPECHO, you can give feedback and upgrade it. The first time, the theme of TYPECHO was a little rough. Please forgive me.

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