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The value of old domain names and the risks of choosing old domain name websites or transactions

A few days ago, a netizen and Lao Zuo mentioned that his website had been sold. Indeed, we have seen that his website filing information is changing these days. In recent years, there have been many personal websites that used to play well. Due to the problems of work and life, they no longer have the original feelings to stick to their personal websites and blogs. Rather than leave them alone or expire directly, they might as well sell them at a good price. Of course, most people still think of it as a thought.

 The value of old domain names and the risks of choosing old domain name websites or transactions

Some time ago, Lao Zuo was also cleaning up some old domain names and sites that were not ready to last. Just a few netizens also needed them, some of them were directly given to them, and some of them also needed to look for Old domain name purchase Channel, so some symbolic cost. At the weekend, I talked with them about some things about domain names. Most people still use domain names. Some of them have been thrown away without renewal. The same is true for domain names purchased from other channels. Most of them do not have the so-called estimated value of old domain names.

Indeed, we have heard and seen that there are also many people who want to buy old domain names and websites, so that new websites can start faster. But it is not exactly like this. Sometimes it needs to be re examined to a certain weight. Some old domain names have no value, and even were thrown away by K for some reasons in the early stage.

First, whether the old domain name is really valuable

To some extent, the old domain name really started faster than the newly registered domain name. Otherwise, people will not directly need to purchase old domains or websites. However, this is not absolute. For example, Lao Zuo has tried to use the old domain name as a website before, but it has no estimated effect, and even the content is not included. I saw several domain names presented to them. A few months later, I found that the content included was not as good as I had given them before.

Although the old domain name has corresponding value and weight, this is not absolute. In the future, we still need the aggregation of our content and the weight of each link to have real value.

Second, how to choose the old domain name channel

There are many ways to choose old domain names. For example, we may choose some domain name registrars to preemptively register expired old domain names, some of which are lost by original holders and do not need to be renewed. Some are purchased directly from third-party platforms, and some are purchased directly from platforms and sold to you at a slightly higher price. Some of these friends will classify old domain names according to their weight, spelling and appearance according to their own judgment.

There is another one that has seen a lot recently. You can directly find the bloggers of existing websites and then ask whether the websites are for sale. If you also encounter such inquiry, if the price is appropriate and you want to sell, you can talk about it.

Third, there are risks in domain name sales

Whether we buy domain names or sell websites, we need to pay attention to risks in domain name transactions and website transactions. For example, when our buyers buy fake traffic or weight websites, they find that the traffic is fake and the weight is also painted, which is also true. At the same time, as a seller, we may deliver the website to the other party, but the other party does not pay.

Therefore, we all need to reduce the risk of each other, and we need to find a third-party platform to guarantee our transactions. And the value of the website needs to be tested by yourself. For example, you can check the source of statistics through statistics, as well as weight detection.

With the rise of We Media and short videos, the development of personal websites is relatively difficult. Even if we have an old domain name, it may not have absolute value, but it needs our subsequent maintenance and replacement.

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